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  1. Vintage Ariduk model 8082 Mallard decoys. Never used in original boxes. 3-1/2 doz boxes $150 for each box
  2. I had a 42" Sony on this that matched. The new TV is black. This has to go.
  3. correction- model 62A This is a fun gun to shoot. My eye sight is getting bad and I can no longer use open sights. I don't want to destroy the value of the gun by changing the original sights, The gun has gotten very little use in the last 45 years that it has been in my possession. Call me at 952-240-3350
  4. wingnutken

    ATV Cart?

    What is your price?
  5. I have come full circle in my ways of camping since I first started. I am 50 now. When I was a kid we had a pop up camper. Everything we did while camping was done at the campsite.....everything despite the weather, bugs etc. I always wished we had a boat.What I have found is that you have to adapt and think out of the box. I prefer now to always go camping with my boat. The tent is just a place to be comfortable while I sleep. I am more concerned what I do to entertain myself when I am awake. When my son was young it was a challenge to keep him entertained. I found that it is best to use the campground as a base. Go biking, fishing, to a movie or a neat place to eat when the weather is bad. When you have fun all day, the campfire is the icing on the cake at the end of your day. Your tent is there to keep you dry and bug free when you sleep. For that reason, I do not believe in large tents. I always bring a rain fly just in case. I used to use a screen tent but found that simply getting around was easier without the hassle of putting it up. There are a few things that you can do to make yourself comfortable outside. I almost always stay at State Parks. I want to have hot water and porcelain. I like to shower as often as I want. I try to use as little bug spray as possible on my skin. Apply it to clothes and a hat. Get a campsite with electricity.Bring a small fan with and plenty of extension cords. The fan can be put next to you at the picnic table or the fire. The fan will keep the bugs away and the smoke. Bring it in the tent with you and you will sleep better when it is hot and humid. Invest in a Thermacell. You can find them at most outdoor stores but they are the cheapest at Fleet Farm. About $25 for the personal size and $35 for the table top. They do an amazing job of keeping the bugs away. WORTH EVERY PENNY! Skip the big fancy meals and the Coleman stoves. Learn how to cook with charcoal and a dutch oven or a pie iron. Try to do as much prep work at home with your food and cooking outside will be easier and faster. Skip the Coleman Lanterns.They attract massive amounts of bugs and are noisy. Let your eyes adjust to the darkness and you will be able to see better. Get a clip on head light for everybody's baseball cap. That way they won't loose the flash light. Bring one large flash light to help at the campfire in the dark or for going to the restroom. You can also get really inexpensive solar lights to set around camp. Finally, bring a laptop or a DVD player. Watch a movie by the campfire. Get comfortable folding chairs, a blanket and some peanuts. Drag your table closer to the fire. With a fan on the table you can control the smoke and the bugs. Put your feet up on the picnic bench with your beach towel under your ankles. You won't regret it.
  6. Squirrels are no doubt watching your wife plant. The little buggers think that she is hiding nuts. While planting after they go to sleep is not an option because of the bugs.....and what woman wants to work in the garden when its not sunny and nice?.....you can keep them away. There is a product called Critter Ritter. The active ingredient is black pepper oil. The other 99% is sand. It costs $20 at the hardware store. Instead get yourself a pail of sand. Then get one of those giant containers of black pepper that you see at sam's club for $5. Add enough corn oil to make the pepper stick to the sand and you have your own product at a fraction of the cost. You can even add in some cayenne pepper to make it stronger but that stuff is a little pricier. Every time you plant something outdoors, sprinkle some around the plant and squirrels will learn quickly that what you are planting is something that they will avoid. It works best when they see you leave right after you have planted. Go in the house and watch.
  7. Great advice. I went to home depot and bought a breaker box. I am going to put the 2 lights on a 15 amp and the 2 outlets on a 20 amp. My next purchase will be a 10 gauge cord. The house is going to double as a bunk house at deer camp. It is well insulated and wont need a very big heater. Some day....it will have a gas heater. Not in the budget right mow tho. Thanks for your help, Ken
  8. I have a homemade 8x12 ice house. I have an exterior 3 prong male receptacle wired to a junction box with 12x2NMB. From there I have two wall outlets on each side of the house with 12x2NMB. I used 12 gauge instead of 14 gauge because I may be using an electric heater on one of the outlets. From the junction box I also ran 14x2NMB to 2 ceiling lights with pull chains. Today I hooked up an extension cord from a GFI receptacle on my house to the shed. The light bulb worked and I had a small fan plugged in. They both worked for a short period and then the GFI tripped. With the fan unplugged and the light switch off the GFI pops every time I plug in the extension cord. Any ideas or solutions as to how to fix my problem? Thanks in advance.
  9. I use a hand mower to trim and mow a hill. I use the rider for the rest. Everywhere that I used the hand mower, the grass turned yellow and dry. My son who mows lawns for a living told me I cut it too short, mowed when it was too hot and my push mower blades are dull. Hope this helps,
  10. I have a polaris sled with RSI risers and an RSI graphite bar. How can I get the bar to stop slipping without over tightening the screws and crushing the bar. Thanks, Ken
  11. I have a polaris sled with RSI risers and an RSI graphite bar. How can I get the bar to stop slipping without over tightening the screws and crushing the bar. Thanks, Ken
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