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  1. Anybody else run into this problem with an old Polaris? I'm guessing there is a sensor that is not engaging unless it's pulled all the way forward? Can you adjust the shift lever? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Was your "Auctioner" not part of your league?
  3. The FF league I'm in is thinking of switching to an auction style league. If you have done this live as a group (not online) what are some hiccups you have run into? We have always gotten together as a group at a local watering hole to do our draft. Thanks for the info.........
  4. He may be coming back, but the huge question is going to be his protection from our line! I'm not so comfortable with their ability to protect him for all those games. Skoal Vikes!
  5. Wondering if anyone would have an idea on what could be the issue with my wheeler. I push the "AWD" button and the 4x4 doesn't kick in. It started this past winter, for a while only three wheels were turning, then this spring nothing in the front works anymore. I can drive it just fine just the 4x4 is not working. Like everyone else out there....money is tight and wondering if this is something I can tackle myself or is it going to make a trip to the shop. Thanks for the help!
  6. I was figuring that was too much weight. Your right about the great sales pitch, it's amazing what they will say!
  7. Looking at getting a new 5th Wheel (Keystone Laredo). Wondering if there is anyone pulling this size with a "gaser" and what your opinions are? I have pulled a 11,600 GVWR/34' with a gooseneck adapter two times last year. You knew it was behind you but it wasn't too bad. I'm pulling with a 01 2500HD Crew with a 6.0L.
  8. Thanks Dave! It is a 97 sportsman 400 (4250 miles on her too) 2 stroke and that was the info I was looking for. I have the manual but no where in there could I find the amount of fluid needed. Looks like I now have a weekend project! Thanks Again Mudcat
  9. What is the tranny fluid capacity of a 97 sportsman 400? Just wondering how much to buy. Looked in the manual but it doesn't give the info. Some help would be appreciated.
  10. That's what I as leaning towards. I'll find out after she's thawed out.
  11. 05' Sportsman 700..... Pulled the shack out on the lake and after we got done went to put it in "High"...nothing. It will go into "L" and "R". Did get a ton of slush and water on the machine and have to let it thaw out. Any ideas what I wrecked???
  12. Thanks for the info guys. If I'm going to make this kind of investment I'm looking for something that will be around for 10-15 years and these shacks seem to be very well built. I'm looking at the "Grand" or "Mega". Do you guy's happen to know the weight of your shacks? That was the other concern I had.
  13. Those of you that own one of these bad boy's, what are your opinions on them. The good, the bad, etc. I have the wife on board with the idea of buying a nice FISH HOUSE/Camper. Thanks for the info.
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