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    Maybe my palate isn't as refined as the rest of you guys but I never really got the "Cheek" thing. Sure they taste fine. I cut mine out only because it's there and uses a bit more of the fish. I can't tell the taste difference at all but the texture is a bit rubbery. The rest of my family avoids them. I just don't get it. I'm not a diehard walleye fanatic either. I'd rather catch Pike and Muskies for the pull and crappies for the action and they eat great. Walleye meat is exceptional but to call the cheeks the filet mignon.........I don't get it. Some kind of elitist Minnesota thing or something. saw that the poster said skin it. Is that what everyone else does and I've been doing it wrong all these years, thus the rubbery texture. Yea, I didn't grow up here. But then I think cajun blackened catfish is fantastic!!!!!! Go figure.
  2. I love the slight splash of color those Redpolls give us on these cold, white/gray winter days. I live near Buffalo, MN,in the country and in the 10 or so years we have lived here we've only seen them twice. It's a bit late now but maybe with some real Minnesota weather we might see some again. I love the small, seemingly underdogs of the north country. I've slept in -10 degrees on the ice in nothing but a sleeping bag for a few days, many times but to live out there 24/7 is amazing. I saw the biggest, fluffiest rooster pheasant eating and sunning today on the way home. Wish I had my new camera in the truck. Thanks for the pics.
  3. Wow!!!! Gotta agree. He tried to kill it once. Why not finish the job? That was the initial purpose of the ordeal, wasn't it? And yes, it bothers me when someone would spend that much money for a dang duck that they intended to eat anyway and there are kids and adults living on the streets with no food or water.
  4. I had mine locked and they just kicked the door in off it;'s hinges and tore the hasp out. They took what little stuff I had in there. My policy now is if you don't mind it beind stolen then leave it. I leave mine unlocked all the time but leave nothing in it. So far no one has taken a dump in it. If I found someone in it I guess I'd just tell them it's mine and they can choose to stay or leave. They might be a new fishing partner although you gotta question what kind of guy would go into and fish out of someone elses house. If I needed the room with family or something, then they would have to leave.
  5. They all look like a very typical pike to me except that second one from the top just seems to show more barring like a musky. Probably nothing, that's just me. I see a lot of muskies in my dreams too.
  6. agronomist and anyone else, Nice fish. Look at the second northern from the top. It seems to show a lot of patterning similar to a musky by the belly. It's clearly a pike but maybe some hybidization going on there? I've never seen a pike with a pattern like that or is it just my musky delirium playing tricks on me again?
  7. art

    rebel EOS XT

    Thanks FM. I've been so envious of everyones photo shoots. My friends used to always laughed at my time spent hunched down shooting flowers, fungi, dirt and such when we'd be hiking out west limbing mountains and fishing in the rockies or BC or up north in the BW. But then the slide show always delighted everyone. I'm happy at the chance to be back at it. As I said, new format, lots to learn. The basics will get me through (even took a college course in photography-journalism) but all new to digital although I know it emulates old school film stuff. I'm guessing it's all the same as far as f-stops, aperature, etc. just put to a digital format. Am I wrong, what are the major differences, Steve, Buzz, Johhny, others, if any differences? Thankfully she bought the 2 gig FC so I have time to play before I have to install the software and figure all that out while still trying to get some real work done. Then I can go into PS and do what I do best and amaze all of you with my 40 inch, 30lb. walleyes that I catch consistently on my secret little mudhole lake.
  8. art

    rebel EOS XT

    Just got it for a bday gift. Found you can't use the LCD monitor to view your subjext, only the after shot. Is this common in Digital SLR's. I'm new to the digital arena but told my wofe it was the only way to go. I'm old school and only used my wonderful Pentax K1000 until it blew a winder on me and I started buying point and shoots as money was tight. Never liked them but they worked. I want to get back into photography from an artistec point of view. I always had fun shooting B&W and doing the work myself. The reason she got the Canon is because we already had the lenses from her old camera. She always used the program function. I couldn't stand it. Too limiting and lousy shots. I have so much to learn with the digital arena. Any tips for good educational stuff?
  9. We did the SW a few years back for the first time. In NM we did Acoma Pueblo and thought it was cool. It's the oldest occupied settlement in the US on top of a huge butte. A goods place for authentic indian art. If you're going to the Grand Canyon consider the north rim too. We camped there and it was at 8000-9000ft and quite cool in June. Then don't skip by Utah. Zion National park is just a few hours up the road. Beautiful Park and river. Be sure to hike up to Angels Landing. Not for the squeamish who have a fear of heights but worth it for the view. You can do the river walk in the narrow slot canyons too. Zion can get hot in June. Then another few hours northeast is Bryce Canyon National Park. Really cool place with all the Hoodoo's. Take some walks down into the spires and be sure tocatch it at sunrise or sunset. Again, camping at about 9000ft is real comfortable in June. A drive nnortheast on Highway 12 through the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument is pretty cool. Capital reef was a nicestop just to see it but if you stayed overnight the campground is in a nice green apple orchard and the mule deer are everywhere. There are also some indian hieroglyphics near there. Then Arches National park is wonderful too with a great view of the Colorado River from Dead Horse State Park. Lot's to do in Moab too. Biking, hiking, rafting, etc. The famed Green River is in northern Utah and renowned for it's exceptional fly fishing and rafting. That's my take on it. Then you are set up to head through CO on Highway 40 and Rocky Mountain National Park. Anywhere in CO offers some nice fly fishing opportunities. After that we headed home and boy were we glad to see some green grass and trees.
  10. art

    How old?

    When I had my first kid about 6 years ago I checked the regs carefully and could not find anything that says even a baby can't fish. That being said, my 2 kids have been fishing since they were 1.5 years old. No, I don't do that so I can have more lines in and catch more fish. I have set the hook when they were really young but let them reel in the fish. Now I always let them set the hook and reel the fish in. They love the activity on open water and ice fishing. My kids have been bugging me to go ice fishing since it got cold out. I'm hoping to get my eldest to catch a fish on a tip-up this year. Until now I didn't feel they could handle the concept so I didn't put down extra tip-ups. I think it's a matter of ethical thinking. If they really aren't fishing I wouldn't consider putting the lines down appropriate. But if they can reel it in the smile, excitement and the feeling of accomplishment they get from it is priceless. Most of the time I even hand them what I consider to be my rod. Sure I lose more fish but who cares. I do it for them and I get more enjoyment out of it.
  11. When you say WR buck do you mean world record? I sure hope deer taken in these kinds of situations aren't put into the books. I know they are still semi-wild but it's still a controlled environment.
  12. Nearly every button buck that I and my cohorts have shot has been with it's mom and this is in the 3B season. Maybe it's different in other parts of the state but not where I'm from. I'm assuming the solitary ones that have been shot lost mamma earlier in the day. I've seen does with fawns in the spring too. Now you guys got me curious about the deer biology. There is always something new to learn and I've been doing it for nearly 15 years now. Every year is a new learning experience and listening to other people's angles and experiences is enlightening as well.
  13. I don't like the idea of my portable stand becoming public property on state land either. It's not a permanent stand that is there for the year. I put it up, hunt a few days from it and take it out. It's not easy work putting up the stand and tree steps. It also is not a silent procedure. I wouldn't even want to think about trying to put it up quietly in the dark of the early morning. I'd also be very [PoorWordUsage]ed if anyone was sitting in it when I got there. I guess I'd just start pulling all my tree steps out from under them since they too would be public property. Then I would go sit up on the hillside and wait to watch them try to get down from 20ft in the air.
  14. I have an older boat so it was a bit of a challenge to get it done. Several dealers just weren't able to help. One had all the masters except mine. So made some calls to locksmiths in my area. Most said they could do it. One wanted $90.00 for the deal but he would come out to my place. Found one nearby that, if I brought my boat to him, could do it. 1/2 hour later and $15.00 out of my pocket we were set, wewith an extra set this time. Call around. They should be able to do it easily. The compartments and hitch are another matter. That may be where the dealer would be your best bet. Why some of the dealerships couldn't or wouldn't do it is beyond me. One of them I've heard many bad things on this forum about them...C/P.
  15. It was a timber wolf but not in it's summer coat but with mange. At least that is what I read. Saw a picture of it too. Almost no hair at all. Really goofy looking.
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