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  1. I am not quite clear on where you say the first eye is on the blank. Is it 12" from the handle, or 12"+8" of decorative wrap for a total of 20" from the handle? Depending on the overall length of the rod, 20" would be in the ball park for the first guide. If it is only 12" from the handle, I believe that would seem really on the short side.
  2. Like anything, there are different sources and it depends what you want. I generally build ice rods for walleye guys and dont have much experience with panfish rods. Almost by accident I came across "sportsmens direct". They have a number of different blanks, but really like a solid carbon ice rod blank they carry. It is called an "extreme taper" solid carbon blank. It is 32" long and has a nice painted black finish. I have always cut off the butt end, and have made rods down to 24". Most commonly, I prefer using them at about 28", but everyone who has used them has been really happy. They cost about $12 each. Mudhole Tackle is another source, but I dont care for them so much because I did not like the action as well, and I don't like the tips painted orange or chartreuse. Both places also carry solid fiberglass blanks, and depending upon your preferences they may also work for you.
  3. I picked up an XT1200 about a month ago, and have it put together and installed a few mods to meet my needs. They are a piece of cake to put together and it did not take much time at all. I have a heated garage, so I put it together and left it set up for a week or so to sort of stretch out. My initial impressions are it is going to be a great house. Can't wait to get out and run it through its paces.
  4. There are a number of very good blanks to choose from that meet your criteria, but one of the best I have found is a Batson xsw68mx. It is a 6'8" medium power extra fast blank that has a very nice action. I know of a vendor who currently has them on sale for $65.24. Use a search engine with "Batson get bit" and you will find it. They are regularly priced just over $100. Batson makes a similar blank that is 62" long that is outstanding, but those are not on sale, but are available through other sources. The MHX series of blank also are very reasonable and perform well. There are two versions, the MHX and the MHX high modulus. I have built quite a few of these and people have been happy with the results. Also close to your price point is the SCIII series of blanks from St. Croix. The 3S63MXF is a nice blank for about $90. These are widely available through a variety of sources. It is a 6'3" med, extra fast that makes a nice rod. All depends what you want, but hopefully this gives you some options and starting points. There are others that may work as well.
  5. I would definitely recommend using the vented. You do not need to have a 100 lb cylinder. I have a vented heater in my house and use standard 40 lb cylinders. Vented heaters put less moisture into your house and the dangers related to noxious are certainly less. Vented heaters generally cost more, but if it fits your budget I think it is worth the extra cost. This is especially true if you plan on sleeping in your house.
  6. I have a 1979 Ski Doo Alpine that was doing the same thing. I went through the carb and found that the membrane that operates the fuel pump was sort of stiff and stuck on one side. I loosened up that membrane and now I get good throttle response. THe interal fuel pump just wasn't pulling enough fuel
  7. 1980 Ski Doo Alpine. Does exactly what I need it to do. I am not at all interested in being a speed demon, but I love to pull my fish house around. Always starts right up, dont need any snow to speak of as it is all bogey wheels and fan cooled. I get calls every year to go pull some poor sap's sled out of the boonies where it died and they can't get to it or pull it with anything else. A bit hard to steer, but not that big a deal.
  8. I didn't use the regular metal studs, but I made my frame entirely out of one inch steel tubing. I was worried about this situation as well so I put 1/2 inch styrofome on the inside of my studs. It is then covered on the inside with "plastic cardboard" (called chloroplast). Last year I did not have any issues at all with moisture lines.
  9. I built a 7 x 14 a few years ago and I just used 2x4s with the same idea as you. I cut them down from 3 1/2 inches down to 2 inches. Sheeted them with 1/2 plywood on the inside and used corrugated st Is plenty strong and have not had a bit of problem with drainage. Used 16" centers. There is very little weight difference from 2x4 to 2x6 in this application. I agree The plywood suggestion would work every bit as well if not better.
  10. I did end buying the Alpine. It is in perfect condition. Was owned by an older gentleman from Iowa who used it to pull his fishhouse out on Mille Lacs. It has never been on anything other than a Lake. He estimated that he only had 350 miles on the machine. Always kept inside with the track off the ground. It hadn't been started in over a year and took 5 pulls to fire it up. After that it is always first pull. Starter works fine, but I need a battery. Hoping to take it on a test run with my house on Lake Bronson this weekend.
  11. I am trying to accomplish both with one house this year. I built a hard side house that is easy to pull behind a snowmobile or a 4 wheeler. I can move it and get set up quicker than most portables yet it still has the comforts of a larger permanent. Besides that, I live in the extreme northern part of the state and the difference beween 4 inches and 8 inches of ice is usually just a couple of days.
  12. I have a 9" Jiffy Stealth that I bought last year. Runs and cuts great. Starts easy every time.
  13. I have the opportunity to buy a 1980 Ski Doo Alpine snowmobile with the intention of using it mostly to pull my fishhouse around as needed. I am looking for any comments about this machine either positive or negative. One particular concern is the ease or difficulty with steering and just how well they will pull. Thanks
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