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  1. Anyone been up their in Sept.and can give a first timer any advise. We will be staying at Mahkwa Lodge also, arriving on the 20th. Any advice will be greatily appreciated. Were can a guy buy a lake map of the area?
  2. Does the Boat sit outside. I live in the northern subs and would like to stop by and take a look since it's close. send me info
  3. This unit retails for $129.00 at Cabela's. It was used one trip and never even mounted. Everything is back in the box. Features: Ultra compact All US & International Channels All Channel & memory scan Backlit LCD & Key 10 Weather Channels 1/25 watts White in color Does not come with antena. $75.00
  4. Want To Be Fishing. No great stories just lack of idea when it came to getting name for FM.
  5. I'm sorry I didn't get your e-mail.at msn (Contact US Regarding This Word) please send it again.
  6. It's got brand new float and 19 degree transducer that's included, also has charger and the blue vexilar soft pack. The unit is 3-4 years old. Works Great. $200
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I may have to just try big Sandy it's only about 2:15 from home for for a weekend run.
  8. Fishnbear my boat is a 1750 Sportfish and The best I've gotten is 39mph empty with standard Aluminum prop.
  9. 8-ball is that speed on GPS? I may be wrong but the Fishhawk is a litter boat which would be faster.
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