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  1. JoeTC

    Bass Photos

    My new PB smallie. 20.5" 5lbs 2oz The fish was released right back to her bed where I saw her guarding again the next morning.
  2. JoeTC

    Need some help!!!!

  3. JoeTC

    What's working now

    I've been using a combination of shakey heads and crankbaits on the weedlines for the last few weeks. More numbers on the shakey head including a 30+ fish day on Friday and some better quality on cranks. Today, however, I got into a school of real nice fish on a shakey head including a 4.75 and a 4.3. All came on a small inside turn in 12-15 fow. Lots of fun on light spinning gear.
  4. I need to replace my leaking anti-siphon valve coming out of my house for my sprinkler system. I purchased the same one that I currently have which is a 3/4" lawn genie manual valve. I see that they don't make the model anymore and most are now automatic. What does an automatic do vs. manual? The directions are very generic stating to open the valve to run the sprinkler. I don't have to open/close everytine I plan to run the system do I? Joe
  5. JoeTC


    With rattles or the silent version? I usually try and stay away from loud rattles in clear water but I haven't really tested that theory. Joe
  6. JoeTC


    What are your favorite crankbaits for throwing on outside weedlines in the 10-15ft range. I've had success with the DT10 but I haven't tried many others. Joe
  7. JoeTC

    Bass Photos

    Broke my PB smallie for the second time this year with this one just over 20.5". Joe
  8. JoeTC

    Why Fish "Deep" in Summer

    All you have to do is tell him nicely.
  9. JoeTC

    Vermilion bass

    I'd be willing to go east as long as it's not too far east. I was thinking of going down into Frazer bay to do some walleye fishing at some point. How difficult is it to navigate through Oak Narrows? Thanks for your help! Joe
  10. JoeTC

    Vermilion bass

    I'd take you up on it but unfortunately the 5th is our last day. Joe
  11. JoeTC

    Flipping switch?

    You can get an Abu Garcia black or silver max with a flipping switch I believe. I had a flipping switch once and never used it bass fishing but did use it later for pulling bouncers although it wasn't necessary. I actually sold my flipping switch reel to get a better quality baitcaster. I would suggest picking the reel you want for bass fishing as any bait caster will work for pulling bouncers. Joe
  12. JoeTC

    Vermilion bass

    I'll be spending a week on Vermilion over the fourth and will be spending a lot of time targeting largemouth and smallmouth. Never fished the lake before, what should I expect? Any tips or areas to try for either species? Will be staying at Vermilion Dam. Thank you! Joe
  13. JoeTC

    What's working now

    This time of year can be tough to find a consistent pattern as bass are in different stages of transitioning off of the spawn but haven't yet set up in their summer locations. What locations and techniques have been putting fish in your boat for you over the past week? I found some largemouth in a shallow backwater last wkd in northern mn but hope to hit the metro for the first time this wkd. Thanks, Joe
  14. JoeTC

    Favorite fluoro

    From my research it sounds like Toray makes the XPS fluorocarbon and Seaguar makes cabelas. Sounds like it would be a good buy at that price as long as I don't have to pay shipping. Joe
  15. JoeTC

    Favorite fluoro

    How is the stretch/sensativity? I know with most fluoros, better handling equals more stretch and less sensitivity. That's why I've stayed away from invizx so far since I've heard it stretches more than some monos. Joe