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  1. cory

    Marcums in the store

    thanks blueman for the info. i phoned at around 10 sunday morning and they had 2 left. 10 secs later they were down to one. can't wait to replace the fl-8. it should be here in 10 days(to canada) cory
  2. so i got to go out on saturday for my first trip of the year. i had to drive about 2 hrs but it was worth it. at the first place(yellowhead) the ice was about 4" thick. i caught 5 little brook trout(my first brook trout). i then went to beaver(my favorite trout lake) and caught 2 bows. the biggest was 21-22" and over 4 lbs. there was about 4" of ice there as well. it was a beautiful day. about 12' C. it was sure good to get out and ice and release some nice trout and try out some of the new toys. here are some pics. i'm having some probs with them but hopefully they will work. check out the nice wood handle on my new midwest 28" medlite with the little brook trout. pics cory
  3. cory

    Midwest rods!!!

    i just got my 2 rods from Midwest Rod and Reel . I had ordered a 32" med with a redwood cedar tennessee handle and a 28" med-lite with a butternut tennessee handle. These rods are absolutly incredible . The pictures on their HSOforum doesn't do them justice. The handles are beautiful. the 2 or 3 coates of clear epoxy give them alot of depth(especially the redwood cedar.) I own the same rods built by St. Croix and there is no comparison. Each Midwest rod weighs 3/8 of an ounce less than the same rod built by St. Croix. So much for the idea that the wood handles are heavier than cork! The spine is lined up perfectly. I havn't had my hands on a St. Croix ice rod that has been. Now I havn't had an opportunity to fish with them yet but from my playing with them I'd say they are quite abit more sensitive than the cork handled St. Croixs. Its all in the wood handle. Midwest Rod with wood tennessee handle = very sensitive rod. I love my new rods. They have surpassed all my expectations. So much in fact that I've ordered a 28" ultralite with the redwood cedar tennessee handle(my favorite.) I want to thank Bill at Midwest Rod and Reel for doing such an excellant job on my rods and the people on this HSOforum that swayed me to them. I couldn't be more happy. Well maybe when the 28" ul gets here!!! Cory Friesen
  4. northlander which handles do have on your midwest rods? cory
  5. i want a rod with a tennesee handle. not a reel seat. with the wood tennesee handles a hole is drilled in the wood and the blank is epoxied directly to the wood. no fillers or whatever they use to get the cork to fit to the blank(masking tape). i would have to think a blank glued directly to hardwood would be more sensitive than cork. as far as balance, where u tape the reel on would determine on how it would balance. but what do i know. i've never seen a thorne bros. or midwest rod before other than on the internet or any other wood handled rod for that matter. i talked to bill at midwest and he liked the wood handle alot better. he said it is more sensitive and he really likes the way it feels in his hand. he also said the wood handle is only a slight bit heavier than the cork. you can get a midwest rod with a cork handle for the exact same price as the wood. it would be great if i could have an opportunity to be able to test drive a 32" med midwest rod with a tenn cork handle, a tenn wood handle, and a thorne bros 32" walleye sweetheart all with the same reel(quantum catalyst pt 10) and see which one i like the best but if that were able to happen i would have never started this topic. if for some strange reason i don't like to fish with the midwest rods(i doubt it) i know they will sure look awesome hanging in my office and then i get to try something else. cory
  6. well i've decided to go with the midwest rods. i really like the look of the wood handles and if it makes them more sensitive all the better. i ordered a 32" med with the redwood cedar handle and the guides wrapped in garnet red and a 28" medlite with the butternut handle and the guides wrapped in blue. i can't wait to try out my new rods . it hopefully won't be to long. it snowed today and its supposed to go down to -5 tonight(about 28`F) cory
  7. thanks for all the replys guys. so whats up with the wood handles? sure they look beautiful, probably hold up alot better than cork and are easier to clean, but how are they to use? cory
  8. thanks for all the replys. i think i'm going with the thorne bros. rods. since i have 3 st. croix rods(i forgot that i have a 24"ul that i havn't used yet) i'll try a different brand. i've wanted a walleye sweetheart since the first time i saw one in their online store. cory
  9. Matt which walleye rod do u like better the 32" walleye sweetheart or the midwest 32" medium. cory
  10. i'm looking for a couple of new rods. a 32" med for walleye and a 28 or 32" med-lite for walleye and perch. i have a 32" med and 28" med lite St. Croix. i like the blanks but not the assembly. the midwest rods are built on st. croix blanks. i use the med-lite for small jigging spoons and jigs(1/16 and 1/8) for both walleye and perch. how does the thorne bros jumbo perch rod compare to a med lite st. croix. would u get it in a 28" or 32". in both actions which rod do u guys like better and why cory
  11. cory


    wished i had never bought it. it looked good in the store for the money but on the ice a different story. if u don't have the ice and snow perfectly flat the big oversized box for a monitor wants to tip over. if i opened a window in my hut i couldn't see anything on the screen. the material for the sun shade is too floppy and blocks your view. the battery only lasts 4 hours(what a joke). i took it back and got the zt 120. i love it. like comparing a stripped sunfire to a loaded grand prix. cory friesen
  12. the logo should be on the left side when you are standing on the end with the rope facing the sled. the trim should be at the rope end and the opposite side. the cover is shaped funny so that it will fit on the shelter with the seat on. i had the same problem with mine. at first i had the wrong cover but the old one fits the ultra lite(or what ever its called) as well. its only about 30" wide. the 2 covers would be shaped nothing alike. so if it looks like your solo its probably the right one. they fit pretty tight. you can go to frabill.com and kinda see what they are supposed to look like. cory
  13. i live in calgary alberta and got to icefish on saturday and sunday. the ice was about 2" thick. i wore a life jacket and luckily did not get wet. i caught and released about 25 perch, 1 rainbow trout, and 1 sucker. it was awesome to finally get to go. i walked on ice almost 3 weeks ago but it warmed up. i was glad the weather cooperated. its warmed up again so the ice will probably be gone by the weekend but i got 2 days in at 3 different lakes. cory
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