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  1. JohnS

    Flies for a Newbie

    Orange scuds #12, 14 Pink Squirrels #14 Pheasant Tail nymphs #14, 16 Black Wooley Bugger #8 Elk Hair Caddis #16, 18 Parachute Adams, #14, 16, 18
  2. JohnS

    Bighorn River, MT

    I'd in the fall. Crowds should be a little less of an issue. Also the browns get more aggressive as they get in the fall spawning mood.
  3. JohnS


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  4. JohnS


    We've had a few storms roll through in the last few days and the whole state has gotten some rain. Each storm has been a little different in where the heaviest rain fell, but I believe overall the rain has been heaviest to the south. See http://www.srh.noaa.gov/rfcshare/precip_analysis_new.php and select "Last 7 Days". Maybe WxDaddy will weigh in with some professional input on this.
  5. JohnS


    There has definitely been some flooding across many parts of SE MN. It seems to be worse south of I-90 and in Fillmore and Houston counties in particular. I would think you might have a hard time finding fishable streams this week. Barring any major new rainfall, things should be ok in a few days particularly north of I-90 and on smaller spring creeks. [Note from admin: Edited. Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.]
  6. JohnS

    Trout flies...

    A basic selection for SE MN ... Nymphs: Hare's Ear, Pheasant Tail, Orange Scud, Pink Squirrel, Zebra Midge Dries: Elk Hair caddis, Parachute Adams, Foam Beetle, Hopper, Sparkle Duns to match prevelant mayflies Others: Black Wooley Bugger
  7. JohnS


    Hoppers, Beetles, Tricos if you're fishing early, the usual assortment of nymphs such as PTs and scuds.
  8. There are some "hold-over" rainbows. These are the fish that don't get caught within weeks of being stocked and may even make it through the closed season and into the next spring. These hold over fish start to act and probably taste more like wild fish over time.
  9. Yes, this is mostly catch and release. Here's the DNR regs map. http://files.dnr.state.mn.us/maps/trout_streams/2006_southeast_mn/map16.pdf
  10. JohnS

    H20 temps and trout

    Preferred temp is around 60 degrees plus or minus a few degrees. 70 degrees is high and stressful to trout. If the water is near 70 degrees, I would seek out a smaller, cooler stream for trout or other water for smallies.
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