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  1. Here is a resource directory that might be of help. Hope so. http://truaxcomp.com/rd.html
  2. Pistolero

    Do you belong ?

    Quote: geez Pistol you sure are defensive. Your right FOOT, I was very defensive. I apologize for that.
  3. I hear you Jackpine Rob. I need to sight in my 30-06, I put a new scope on it, plus I also need to test some handloads for my T/C Contender 35 Rem and 30-06. It seems to be getting to be a bigger pain every year with more ranges shutting down. I’m not familiar with the Oakdale range, so I can not be of help. Hope you find something soon. I wish you success with your moose hunt! David
  4. Pistolero

    Do you belong ?

    You both made my point, thank you! You put your organizations on a pedestal, expecting everyone to bow down to them and when they do not you discredit them. Is that how you gain support? Wouldn’t you be better off by asking hunters to contribute if they can, any contribution would be of help? But NO, you choose to belittle them instead. Why? It seems to me that it would not matter to you if I could not put food on my table as long as you get your precious money for your organizations from me. You are doing these organizations a disservice by the comments that you just made too me. BTW...I thank the appropriate ones when I take game, GOD first, then the land owner. They are the ones that make the biggest difference. I have not been on this forum for several months and you have just reminded me as too why.
  5. Pistolero

    Do you belong ?

    I choose NOT to belong to any of the mentioned organizations. It is not that I believe that they is anything wrong with them, there is not. But I decide where my money goes and will not be browbeaten into supporting these organizations. If that makes me a bad hunter in someone’s eyes, too bad! I do not care!
  6. Quote: Can anyone tell me which gun clubs in the north metro have rifle ranges open to the public? I'm needing a 100 yard range. Jackpine Rob, Here is the DNR link with listings of ranges, hope this helps. I'm in the same boat as you are, I need to find a place too shoot. http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/shooting_ranges/list_ranges.html David
  7. Quote: They showed how arrows fly in slow motion, it's amazing how much flex they go through during flight! Muzzy Congrat’s Bucks-N-Ducks, Although it is cool shooting a Robin-Hood. Having all of my four arrows touching at the tip is more impressive to me because even when the tips are touching the nock’s are not touching at all.
  8. Yes, you still need the "Permit to Buy". If you get one at the local law enforcement. You fill out the application, submit it, they will then mail you the permit after the background check is done and after the waiting period, as mentioned above by Ole. That permit is good for 1 year. If you fill it out at the gun store, you will then have to wait for the background check by the local law enforcement, plus do the waiting period. That one is only good for that purchase, I believe. BTW...You still have to do the NICS check at the gun store.
  9. Quote: Hey Pistolero, hope youre weekend went well. I hope you guys didn't get any of that icy wintery mix dump they were predicting. I bailed on the camping when I was told that there would be freezing rain after midnight. I did not want to deal with a frozen tent. Of the seven people that were supposed to camp that night only one did. The workshop was worthwhile, I learned a few new things but I do wish that the weather had cooperated that weekend. Oh well, maybe next year. Glad to hear that you are enjoying winter camping! David
  10. When I backpack in the BWCA, I carry may S&W 586, 357 mag with a 2 1/2" barrel. It is loaded with Winchester - Partition Gold 180 grain and Federal - Castcore 180 grain. I alternate the ammo in the cylinder, the Partition Gold for expansion + penetration and the Castcore for busting bones + penetration. Another one that I carry is my S&W 629 Mountain Gun, 44 mag with a 4" barrel. It is loaded with the same brands of ammo. The choice of ammo plays a big part when it comes to big bear! Remember that they bite back and that a jacketed HP might not get into the vitals! They have a lot of fat and more important is the muscle mass in the chest area. Choose your ammo wisely. When I head out west I carry my Ruger Redhawk with hardcast bullets ONLY! The harder hitting the better.
  11. There was a female wolf that was tracked a couple of years ago. It came from the Little Falls area, went all the way down to La Crosse, WI, then back Little Falls, before someone killed it. So them do get that far south.
  12. I think that it is a bad idea!! I do not like the idea of bounty's for any animal. I think that they should leave well enough alone. The bill # is HF0868. You can go to this link and enter the bill number for more information: http://www.house.leg.state.mn.us/ I will be contacting my legislators and telling them to vote NO!
  13. I watched a video last night about coyote hunting, these guys used the Mountain Cur dog to assist in the hunt. It was quite impressive to see the dogs work the coyotes. The dogs would get the coyotes to chase them and then they would bring them right back to their owner. If the coyote lost interest the dog would turn and run after it till the coyote would start chasing it again, then bring it back into the hunter. The dog was like a magnet to the coyotes. Very Impressive to watch. The Black Mouth Cur will hunt boar, bear, coon, squirrel and deer. http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/blackmouthcur.htm Wish you the best with your pup. It should be a lot of fun!
  14. Quote: Hey Gus,theres not too many predator callers in here it seems.I find a ton of info in the Predator Masters Forum,look under The Great White North section for info pertaining to our neck of the woods.Good Luck! Thanks!!! I'll take a look there!
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