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  1. When is the best time to put down these grub killer products? I've been having problems the last couple winters with voles but I can't find the hole from where they are starting. Do they leave the area during the summer and return in the winter?
  2. I planted a white pine in the fall of 07 and did the same thing that winter. It was about 80% brown come spring time but it fully recovered. It has some brown to it again this winter. If you gently pull on the needles and they don't come off your tree should be fine. After I went through this issue I have noticed many other pines around that do the same thing.
  3. I added some can lighting in my living room a couple weeks ago. I ran into a little problem cutting out the ceiling for one of the cans. There was a hot and cold water line that was in the way by about an 1" so I used a zip tie to pull the two pipes closer together to make room for the can. Now I hear a few clanking noises everytime the upstairs bathroom water is turned on(which is the same pipes I zip tied) and every once in a while a clank out of nowhwere. Is this any cause for problems? Why would it be making this noise?
  4. We didn't do that good fishing. My trip was pushed back a few days because of a storm that came in the day I was supose to go. We were trying to find big fish as apposed to big numbers of fish. Ended up with a few fish with biggest only about 4 lbs. It was a lot of fun though. I was down there a couple months after the Classic was held on Toho a couple years ago. HSOforum was orlandobass.com. James Jackson was my guide.
  5. I did a guide trip on Toho last year. The guide was reasonable, but I had to pay for shiners, $18 a dozen X 5 dozen....expensive bait!! I'll let ya know the name of the guide if I can find it.
  6. HellaBass-Thanks for getting the word out on this. I was able to stop in and listen to Brent talk about being at the Classic. What an amazing trip for him. How crazy would it be to be in the same area code as some of the guys he mentioned being around. Sounds like it was very eventfull and stressful for him. At least he can sit back and say he fished in the supper bowl of bass tourneys!! Way to go Brent!
  7. Quetico- that would be great. Just to let you know, the front of my house faces the west so it gets a lot of sun in the afternoon. Both trees are fairly young(roughly 20' tall) so there isn't much for shade right now. My email is [email protected]
  8. Why no plastic under mulch...wouldn't you have weeds and grass growing through the mulch? I plan on using landscape blocks stacked high enough(1')to have a retaining wall look to it in the fromt facing the street. The only thing I don't like about mulch is that it eventually needs to be replaced, but I agree with the benefits. Thanks for the input!
  9. I have two maple trees in my front yard that are about 25' apart. I want to do a large landscape rock bed that would include both trees in it. I would like to plant a few bushes and or wild flowers/wild grasses in the rock bed between the two trees. Any advice as to what to do or what kind of plants, bushes, or greass to include to make it look nice?
  10. That kind of nick happens more often then one would think. As long as you caught it and taped it your fine.
  11. Bass_Bully

    Classic Report

    If I remember right ESPN2 will have footage at 9 pm tonight, and at 7-9 tomorrow morning and again at 9pm tomorrow night.
  12. The only downside to a baitcaster is once you buy one and get the hang of it you will want another...and another...and another...
  13. Bass_Bully

    Classic Report

    Boy, if that doesn't give a guy the itch to get on some open water I don't know what would!!
  14. Make life a little easier and get a switch that actually hs two swithces on it. It fits in the single gang box, then you don't have to cut in a two gang... It is very common to run and black,red,white,ground to lights in bedrooms. Red for light and black for future fan. Sometimes they will put a two gang in on the rough in and the second switch controlls nothing till the homeowner decides to put up a fan. Just make sure your ceiling box is rated for the weight of the ceiling fan. I'm assuming it is since they prewired it for a future fan. Good luck installing!!
  15. Bought a Vex FL8 with blue box 8 years ago with college loan money!!!!
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