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  1. berke99

    Fish House Build

    Is that paneling on the walls and ceiling or what is it and where did you get it? Thanks.
  2. DTro- what do you usee for anchoring and how many do you use.
  3. Thinking about getting one and making a wood floor for it. Any input apprciated. Thanks.
  4. I want to learn to do this. I currently shoot with my left eye closed and shoot fairly well, but I want to change to having both eyes open for better field vision. I would really appreciate any pointers and tips to change this over. Thanks in advance for any help!
  5. I'm thinking about putting a Trophy Ridge on my bow so that it will hold my arrow in place. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. berke99

    In-Fisherman Ice Fishing Guide magazine is out!

    Mark me down as being dissappointed in the magazine this year also.
  7. berke99

    Lighted knocks???

    Nocturnals for me. For practicing I put 2 #4 shot and 2 #6 shot pellets (from shotgun shells) into the inside of a regular nock and use fletching glue to hold the shot in place. It is just the right weight to match the Nocturnal lighted nocks.
  8. berke99

    Nock weight

    I like hunting with the lighted nock. After practicing with them and a regular nock, I can see that the lighted nock shoots a little lower. I know it's because of the weight. For practice is there an easy way to make a regular nock the same weight as the lighted nock? I would like to know because of the price of the lighted nocks. Thanks for any input.
  9. berke99

    which broad head to use?

    Got my first turkey this year with the 2 blade Rage. I'm sold on the Rage's.
  10. berke99

    Just somw thoughts for the new archers

    DONT shoot from different different angles without pulling your arrows first. mabr- what does this mean? I'm new to archery and am trying to learn. Thanks.
  11. berke99

    Krocodile Spoons

    A couple of years ago I put one on when things were slow. Now it is one of my favorites for verticle jigging. I've caught walleyes and perch on it. I always tip it with a minnow head.
  12. berke99

    Ketchup or no ketchup on fish fry

    I personally mix ketchup and yellow mustard together and it makes an orange colored sauce. It is great on walleye and evryone that tries it really likes it. I had a friend that was going to pay me 50 dollars for my secret recipe. When I told him how I make it he didn't believe me! How ever anyone eats their fish is fine by me.
  13. berke99

    fishcam underwater camera from Menards

    My son bought one on Black Friday also. I fished with him this weekend. It really worked good, nice picture. His infared at night worked great. I wish my ovs worked like it, only my camera will pan. It has a small 12 volt battery, not as large in size as a flasher battery, but my vexilar battery fits in the battery compartment, so you could buy a bigger sized battery. If I didn't already have a camera I would buy one!
  14. berke99

    insulating your portable?

    The first time I tried to insulate my portable I used the Emergency/Spaceage Blanket (real thin foil stuff) because it was not expensive. That stuff is real noisy in the wind! Reflectix is the way to go! I edged mine with duct tape and then started in the back and put the bolts through the bottom edge and worked up from there. I cut slits in the reflectix where the velcro was that goes around the poles and then put duct tape around those slits. That has been several years ago and it's still good to go! I just did the back and the top, not the sides or front, so I don't know how well that works.
  15. berke99


    gvt- nice house! How about showing us what the inside looks like- Thanks.