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  1. Go for it! Last year when I weighed 280 I rode the wifes a few times and it was just fine. Only complaint that I had was it was not real big size wise but then again I am 5 inches taller than you. She absolutly loves it and has had no issues with vibrations at highway speeds. Take care and N Joy the Ride././Jimbo
  2. Mama and I went for a ride yesterday. Made it 20 miles and for ten of them we were getting rained on. Hard and cold! Went back out today and logged 140 miles! Windy at times but a really fun "first ride" none the less. Bikes look terrible but we can clean them up during the rains, just had to ride them in the nice weather today! Take care and N Joy the Ride././Jimbo
  3. I have a full size one on my bike that is about 2 inches lower than my line of sight. Most bugs go up over my head and like most I dont ride in the rain unless I have to. Biggest thing that I like about it is when the wx is cold it will take the brunt of the wind off of ya! Take care and N Joy the Ride././Jimbo
  4. micpic you are my hero for the day. Great pictures and thanks for helping an owl in need! Hope your injury heals quickly! Take care and N Joy the Hunt././Jimbo
  5. A buddy of mine was bored one day and took camo duct tape and covered his motor. Stayed on there for years and did not look all that bad! Take care and N Joy the Hunt././Jimbo
  6. Nice lookin lab Jordyn!!! Makes a persons chest swell up on that first one don't it?! Well all the rest of them to! Wait till the first multi bird retreive! Take care and N Joy the Hunt././Jimbo
  7. I don't even know where it is?! Take care and N Joy the Hunt././Jimbo
  8. Heck yeah we will be riding!!! Every day it is above 40 and not raining!!! I like to cruise the back roads and see the corn fields being picked... seems like just last week the corn was just breaking the ground!!! N Joy the last couple of months riding!!!
  9. We got a 42 inch LCD tv some time ago. It's a SANYO and I am very happy with it. The clincher for me was when I walked in to Wally world and they had a bunch of them all with the same thing on. For some reason the SANYO just looked a lot better that day and we have been very happy with it every since!!! Side by side comparisons work best I think... sure there were some in there that looked a lot better but I was not willing to pay that much money for a TV. Everyone gaurentees the lowest price but we found the best price at wally world. Take care and N Joy the Hunt././Jimbo
  10. Rat trap with peanut butter works well to. They are cute little critters but they cause much damage with their dang tunnels. If you are in town and a .22 LR wont work a .177 pellet will do the trick to if ya have a decent pellet gun. Take care and N Joy the Hunt././Jimbo
  11. I have had real good luck with the self inflating ones from that store at exit 45 in Owatonna. They roll up pretty small but they seem to work good for me... Take care and N Joy the Hunt././Jimbo
  12. My thoughts exactly mojo... I like the arches! Very good shots of the churches as well. Thanks for sharing././Jimbo
  13. Never watch the show... if there have to be that many bleeps in a show on TV I will search out something where the people have a more extensive vocabulary and do not have to revert to vulgar. Just my opinion...
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