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  1. Thanks for the info. Another question on the pigeon traps. I have heard that it works best to place 1 pigeon in the trap as a confidence decoy. Of course that only works after you have caught or bought a bird. Any idea if this is true? I suppose if I can get 2-3 / day just with corn, there is no need for the decoy. Matt
  2. I have a pup away at bird training school right now, he will be back next week. I want to keep his training going once he returns. Is there anyone in the Metro Area or reasonably close to the metro that has pigeons for sale? I have a place to keep them and conduct the training I just need the birds. Has anyone used a pigeon trap? Is it effective?
  3. Go with the LX3. No clutter issues. The Marcum service and warranty people are top notch if you ever do have a problem with their equipment.
  4. We are down to needing to find a home for one more puppy. We only have the black female left. Matt 612-805-5183 or [email protected]
  5. Did you get the pics? I only have the two black (1 male, 1 female) pups and the yellow male left. Matt
  6. I have hunted everything from quail to geese with the male. He flushes and retrieves like a pro. He is a large dog, when he was younger, he weighed as much as 130#s in his hunting prime. He currently weighs about 110#s. The female is a much smaller dog, she weighed about 50 - 55#s before the pregnancy. She comes from a pointing lab line out of Iowa. I haven't worked on her pointing, but she has the instinct. Mostly, she is a house dog but I have hunted pheasant and grouse with her. She was still a little immature last season, but shows potential. I haven't hunted with her this year for obvious reasons. If you want, I can send you pictures of the parents or the litter. Please e mail or call me directly if you would like more info. Thanks, Matt
  7. I'll second that they don't mind the noise, as long as they don't percieve it as a threat. I have had some of my closest encounters with deer while having a running chainsaw in my hand. Maybe I'll have to give up all of the scentfree, noise ruducing gadgets that you just have to have to get a deer and bring my chain saw in to the stand. A second note, and I am not condoning riding during restricted hours, but in hot weather when deer don't want to move during the heat of the day, like this past season. Having people moving around in the woods and fields on the perifery (sp?) of your hunting area might not be a bad thing.
  8. Metrojoe, It is inconsiderate to ride during the season, but you are a little backwards on your second point, I think. If you have a firearms deer license , then you are subject to the restrictions. You are not restricted if you do not have a firearms deer license. An example is a landowner or non-hunter may ride at any time (chores, checking the property, collecting firewood, or just recreation). If you do not have a license you may ride at any time. May not be sane or considerate...
  9. I prefer a dog that works close. Mostly I hunt by myself or with one other person. I also use a flushing dog. I would have a different opinion if hunting over a pointer or setter. I like to keep the dog within 20 yards in front of me in the woods or scrub when going after grouse and quail. Too much to get in the way if the birds start flushing wild. In open ground, I will let the dog get a little further out, but I would rather have the dog quartering and covering a lot of ground that way rather than being 75 yards out in front of me. Just my two cents.
  10. $250 for the males, $300 for females
  11. This rig gets used on a daily basis, so keeping fresh gas in it is not a problem. All other Arctic Cats that I have used or have experience with seem to have no cold weather starting problems, that is why I am hoping it is a simple tune up or carb adjustment issue. The thing is that it starts and runs great during the warm months of the year, the time of year that it makes me money. I am hessitant to go monkeying with the carb and create a problem that wasn't there before (if it works don't fix it rule). During the winter it is a recreational vehicle or a implement of convenience rather than a necessity like it is during the summer. I guess a call to the dealer is the best bet to see if this is a problem they know about and have a fix for....$$$....
  12. No OFA or Eye cert on this generation. Money back health guarantee.
  13. I have a 2003 Arctic Cat 400 ACT. I love this rig... 7 months a year. As soon as it gets cold, it does not want to start, and if I get it started does not want to run. I have followed the manufacturers cold weather starting instructions to a tee, same result. I am hoping that this is something as simple as a carb adjustment. Anyone else experience the same troubles? Any ideas for a fix?
  14. We have a litter of Lab Pups for sale. Dam is a chocolate, Sire is Black. The litter is 4 chocolate (3 male, 1 female), 2 black (1 male, 1 female), 2 yellow (1 male, 1 female). Litter was born on Oct. 21st and will be ready the week before Christmas. Dew claws have been removed, they will be wormed and have their first shots, and be AKC registered. For more info, please contact me directly. [email protected] or 612-805-5183 Auth. #401 from Rick.
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