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  1. Here's a picture from a dualie in the BWCA. Look at the slime!
  2. Hi Sandburr- You must have been talking to me. I can see how you were confused by the other SnakeRiver"king" guy. I did a double-take myself. How you been? I haven't visited this site in a while. I am up for hitting the big-eddy sometime. Let's get the kids together and do it this year. SnakeRiverKing- Nice username, sounds familiar. We'll need to establish the pecking order around here. The only way to settle this matter is with an old-fashioned fish-off. You outfish me on the river, and you can be the king. if I win, I'll change my name to SnakeRiverPrince or something. Kidding aside, nice to hear there is another rabid Snake River fan. I love the Snake. Obviously, we'll have to go fishing together sometime. later SnakeRiver
  3. Redhorse- Beautiful Pictures! I hope you post some more. I am very interested in identifying Minnesota Mushrooms. I will have to start posting fungi pics as well. Maybe you can help identify. What are you favorite edible species that can be found in MN? All the species I have tried, in order of preference: Sulphur Mushroom Oyster Mushroom Hen of the Woods Shaggy Parasol King Bolete Giant Puffball I am very careful when identifying and consuming a mushroom I am not familiar with. I only eat a tiny portion, if I am at all in doubt. Again thanks for posting your pics.
  4. ArcheryStud's Deer What a beaut! Congratulations!
  5. Sandburr- This is my 2nd year bowhunting. Had to take it up last year because the year before that I got skunked during rifle season. Wasn't going to let that happen again. Sure nough last year while rifle hunting with the boy, we saw not a single deer. I haven't done Muzzleloading yet. I am sure I will get into it some day. What I really want to do is some more archery hunting. I'm really into it. Most beautiful time of year, no bugs. Nice to be in the stand, observing nature, occassionally killing it, and not freezing your butt off.
  6. Bagged this one, weekend after opener. Right antler droops. Saw this feller many times over the summer. Missed my chance on opener with him, when he came out silently. Caught me unawares, didn't have my bow in hand. He was staring me down, so I couldn't make a move. Got another chance a week later, this time I had my bow in hand. But once again he came out of the woods silently about 15 yards from my stand, all of a sudden I look to my side, bam, there he was. He was staring right at me, so I made like a statue. Took about 1-2 minutes before he looked away long enough for me to draw. Got this one 2 weekends ago. Biggest doe, I've ever bagged. My shot was a little low and forward, the carbon arrow broke when it stuck her opposite leg. I'm somewhat of a newbie to the bow hunting. Biggest thing I learned this year: Deer seem to be much more sensitive to movement than smell. My advice to other newbies, don't move until they look away.
  7. Ingenious contraption. Good use for an old jon boat.
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