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  1. I had always had issues with my strikemaster auger. Ieven replaced the carb at one time. I was ready to sell it when i decided to run saber through it. What a new auger. it starts better, runs better. I still have it three years later. I run 100to 1. I also run 100 to 1 in my snowblowers, lawn tools, daughters weedwip scooter, etc. I would recomend it to anyone. I have never had issues with it!!
  2. If you can find the web name, i would appreciate it. I know they were part of the Otter Tail furniture display. I just got a contact number, but they do not answer.
  3. I was hoping you could help out. I was in Minneapolis last month for the large Northwestern Sport show, where i saw a cool deer stand. There was a guy in the far left corner of the place near where the Time Bandit boat was at and he had a deer stand that raised and lowered on his ATV with the help of a winch. The whole thing winched down and was easily transported to place to place. It was bolted to the ATV and to make it Legal with the DNR, it had extending feet. Does anyone have contact info for this product? I got a business card at the show and looked at the HSOforum, but have since lost all info about the blind. I was hoping to buy one once he starts selling them, but i cannot find them again online. I believe he was from Minnesota. Thanks for any help.
  4. Last month i was at the Northwestern Sportshow in Minneapolis Mn and i got a business card from a guy marketing his deer blind that attaches to an ATV. I know he was just getting started, but he did have a web sight and i wanted to watch it for the release of his production model. Does anyone remember the name of the company or the web site? if you walked in the doors he was on the far left wall almost to the back. He was behind the Time Bandit boat. Any help would be apppreciated.
  5. I am in Winona, MN. I would be more than happy to pay to get it shipped. Let me know. Casey
  6. Awesome. Just let me know. Casey
  7. Does anyone know where I can find a few (3-4) of the blue fox marker buoys that used to expand so that it sat out of the water more? They were yellow with reflective tape on the top end. They filled with water as they spun and eventually, the line clipped to one of the wings and that was it. I hope this description helps. I know a lot of guys don't like these due to them being seen for a long distance, but i fish in a few spots where these would work great. If you have a few in your garage and you are not using them, contact me and i would be willing to buy a few or all you got if the price is right. Thanks again and please don't let this thread turn into an argument into how well they worked. [email protected]
  8. you are my hero Freed!!! Sign us up for an island on Rainy! I won't even bring the urine-skipper.
  9. are there any companies/ places that make different color soft beads in colors other than white green and red?
  10. I had nothing but problems with my Strikemaster and had it in the shop twice in the first two years of owning it. Switched to Amsoil and have never had a problem. Starts on first two pulls and runs great. I will never go back.
  11. I have never been to this show. is there a HSOforum that would tell me what to expect there or what vendors will be there? Thanks for any help. Casey
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