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  1. Hi BryanL, late I know to this party. Congrats on buying the property. You mentioned Pine County didn't need permits, true, but the the municipalities and townships within the county do require them even for a shack. Just in case the prop you bought was still in Pine Cnty. Good luck
  2. Hi, do you need a liscense to shoot coyotes. Being small game seasons aren't open, I was wondering, thx.
  3. It's a great time of year, but remember to start keeping an eye out for ticks they always seem thicker in the springtime. Have fun.
  4. Wow, quite an article in Saturday Star Tribune about the wolf population on Isle Royal. Three wolves remain alive. The moose population exploding at 22% increase. Thats interesting so our DNR says our moose dieing off isn't all attributed to the wolves. Maybe they should quit lying to us all, look at the Isle Royal data and pull they're heads out... I see dogs every day, so would I rather see more moose or more dogs? Come on mndnr. We've got enough wolves, the dwindling moose population tells us that. Quit giving various b.s. excuses why our resources (moose and Mille Lacs) are failing. We know the answers.
  5. Chev use-to make a 1500hd. It will do whatever you need, only prob was they came in the 6.0 ltr engine (which is strong as an ox). Now the 6 liter gets better fuel milage but back in the early mid 2000's they only got about 12-13 mpg's. But a great mid half ton three quarter ton truck.
  6. No,on the ice, does it fall winter clean dirty, just when its cold. Bushings makes sense but I would think the techs look there first. thx
  7. Hi, I have 2012 gmc 2500(30,000miles), what I have going on is, when its cold out if I go down a curb or hit a bump or hit my brakes(even at a crawling speed) I get a huge crunch in the front end. Its like when I change the pitch angle of the front by turning, braking or angle on an incline that I get this crunch very noticeable even to people outside the truck. I had it in to dealer for two days and they couldn't figure it out(that was last winter in the shop), and it started doing it again this fall. Also as the truck is used or warms up, it goes away so only last about two or three minutes in cold weather. If anyone has ideas, I'd appreciate the input. Thx
  8. Hope you find him, but I'm pretty sure you plagerized my story from last year, you just changed the yardage from longer to shorter. Good luck.
  9. You mean, exactly what the deer hunting regulations say, funny isn't it interesting how people read or see what they want. Thx Boar.
  10. Curl up in fetal position and wait till spring Man huntings season is short, compared to this winter now 1/2 the year.
  11. On a side note to this, don't want to side track your post. I sent off a photo to my local CO she knew who it was instantly, did a great job. But, I think it would be cool for HSO to have a thread on trespassing photos, might deter it if they knew they could pop up on a web site and later be identified.
  12. Hopefully some photo enhancing software can decifer that plate. Would like to hear the outcome down the road, good luck.
  13. I don't think it's ridiculous at all that the default for non-agricultural land is 'open' to recreation unless posted. Your funny Mr. Aanderud. What makes you think you could or should possibly have the right to hunt on private property that isn't posted? The taxes are likely still being paid by the owner, the property upkeep may also be getting done at another expense of the owner. OMG, the entitlement never ends. Come on jsut stop by for a swim in my pool whenever you feel. (I really don't have a pool, just making a point).
  14. The words of Uncle Ted Nugent,,"are you kidding me". The vikings were playing well till the wheels fell off? The team was doomed once they heard Ponder was playing? They were already getting torched 14-0 zero with recievers running wide open, running backs bangin out 20 a crack in the first qtr. These guys are pros if just cause starting qb is out they bow down. Are you kidding me this was the most embarrassing game I've seen. Sundays just opened up. Free time.
  15. Yep thanks, we know you cant tag with the used lisc hunter. Just wondering if still can buy lisc to party hunt together, being we're sharing the meat anyways. thx
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