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  1. Ooops...I guess I misread it... Thanks for the correction!
  2. Chris You should have told one of the individuals that were working the Cabela Club area that you forgot the card that came in the mail. I never got the card in the mail, but went down anyways to get a new auger since I had a Gift Certificate from my better half burning a hole in my pocket. I told the rep that I didn't get the card and he had me sign my name to a tablet and still gave me the voucher for $30...the wife signed up and I got another $30 in points. It made the price of the auger go way down...and the bonus was that I got another $25 in a gift card for purchasing an auger at $300.00. Pretty good deal.... Good Luck on the ice!
  3. I believe that you are sleeping better knowing that you made the right call...any time that you have a weapon in your hand you take on the responsibility of the circumstances that can come from using it. I am sure that you would have shot both of those deer...and you may always think about it, but the fact is...you didn't shoot and you have had many others tell you that you made the right call. I have been in enough close calls while duck and pheasant hunting to know that some people will react to the game and forget about their surroundings...good call...you can be proud that you didn't shoot.
  4. Ronsay What area are you in? Over in the Glenwood area some of the ponds skimmed over last night, but the lakes are fighting it off. It has to be getting close though...have not noticed the steam in the morning rising off the surface of Minnewaska, although a fellow worker said that Amelia was steaming this morning (it is a deeper lake). I would think if it stays on track with the cooler temps and the wind gives us a break we should see the smaller lakes cap over in the next week or so.
  5. I remember seeing an exhaust system for gas augers in a permanent house a few years back, but I can't remember who made it...I was thinking of getting one last year and looked everywhere for it, but had no luck. It did clip over the muffler and had a flexible hose to run out the door or window. I have been tinkering with the idea to make my own, but as usual...time has not been on my side. It will be nice to see if anyone knows where they can be purchased...perhaps it was homemade and I saw it in a magazine article...I was thinking it was on a Jiffy...since that is what I use...not sure though!
  6. I have an older Strikemaster electric that works OK, kind of slow, but doesn't stink. A buddy of mine got the Electric Lazer last year and that baby cuts fast...it is a great unit. If you are going to use it only for a few holes (I think he said he could cut around 14 or so on a full charge on its internal battery) in a day..I would definitely recommend it. Of course it can always be ran off a battery, such as your ATV for drilling many holes. I see Jiffy has one this year also, but I do not know much about it.
  7. I was talked into buying a couple of these a few years ago and couldn't catch a thing on them...I figured I was the one that took the bite, not the fish...and then...last year on LOTW we were eating breakfast in Baudette and a guy at the table next to us was telling about all the big walleyes he caught last night...while we only caught average fish. My buddy asked what depth and what they were using...he said 13 feet and using a Chubby...I was still skeptical, but Mark put one on as soon as we hit the ice...let's just say that I have added 5 more to my gear for this year...we only caught big ones (+ 24" ) on them, but they would come in and inhale that bait...it was some of the most enjoyable fishing that I remember in a long time...I did find that the # 5's were the most preferred...I am going to try a # 4 glow this year to see how that goes....I can't say they will work on every lake (Minnewaska has been a bust so far)...but if you are heading north to the Big Pond...take at least one with! Keep on praying...the ice will come!
  8. All I can say to relieve the pain I have carried for almost 12 years to the day is "I am glad I am not the only one". It was my 30th birthday on Nov. 24, 1992 and I was going to spend it hunting pheasants north of Gibson City, Illinois. As I drove the 35 miles from Mahommet to the farm that I had permission to hunt I noticed huge bucks chasing does all over the place...I was amazed at all the deer out at 9 a.m. When I arrived at the farm I was greeted by the farmer who mentioned he saw some deer in a small patch of corn that he left for a food plot. I still had pheasant on my mind as we talked, until I saw the head of a huge buck come up above the standing corn...he was trying to share some love and to this day I can still see that head gear. I decided right then to give it a shot and see if I couldn't get into position on him. The main problem I had was that the remaining corn was about 100 yards from his wood lot and I had no idea which direction the deer would go, if they were even to leave the corn. I sat in the stand for about an hour and then got impatient. I walked slowly up to the corn and then worked my way to the east looking down each row hoping to get a view of the deer. I was about half way across (around 50 yards) when it sounded like a truck coming right at me. It is amazing how fast the mind works in a panic situation...I backed up about 3 or 4 steps and dropped to my knee. In a blink of an eye a very nice 8 pointer and a doe came out about 3 rows over from me...I pulled the arrow back and the next one that came out was a huge buck...I honestly believe he was in the high 190's to 200 inch range...extremely wide and high. He was only 8 or 9 feet from me and I let the arrow go and watched it stick right where I was looking. My draw length is 29 inches and all that I could see was the nock on my side and as he ran away from me the broadhead was barely sticking out. He ran about 250 yards and cut into the woods. I knew I had just got the buck of a lifetime...what a great birthday gift. The strange thing was...2 more deer came out...both nice 8 pointers and the last one was walking and stopped 2 corn rows away. I thought to myself that this is a dream. I had to whistle to get him to even notice me and then he trotted off. I was pretty pumped up as I walked back to the truck to get my camera...thinking of who I would have mount it, etc. (never count the chicks before they hatch, especially with whitetail bucks). I was almost to the truck and happened to look over the farmers land to the west and about 1/4 mile away I see a huge buck walking. I thought that there goes another monster and then it hit me that I should drive around an check it out. I had just turned at the next section road as he crossed and sure enough it was my buck. The blood was running down his side and front leg. He wasn't moving very fast and quite wobbly...I just knew he was about to buckle up. He got about half way across a bean stubble field and then stopped and laid his head backwards and across his back...the snapped it forward and trotted towards a draw. I decided to head into town and get something to eat and give it time to lay down. I think it was around 11:15 a.m. I went back out around 3 p.m. after the farmer contacted the landowner to see if it was ok for me to look for the deer. The trail was easy to follow...and then I found a huge pile of blood. I figured I would find the deer any minute. There laid the arrow...it looked like a pretzel...all twisted up. I couldn't believe that he was able to pull it out. I was finding chunks of lung and clots...and couldn't believe that the deer wasn't laying there. Around an hour or so later I finally got to see him again, he got up about 20 yards from me in some thick brush and moved at a fairly quick, but sick pace towards an abandoned farm site. I decided to leave him be for the night and come back out the next day. The bed he was in was full of blood and lung...I was feeling really sick (kinda feeling that way now thinking about it). As my luck would have it, it rained heavy that night and into the next morning. I took two other hunting buddies with me and we looked for the next 2 days, but were not able to pick up his trail. I can't believe that he made it, but I also have nothing to prove that he didn't. It was Illinois' slug season that next weekend and all the neighbors said they would keep an eye open for it...but no one ever reported finding it. I will take the memory of that buck to my grave...the saying "better to have lost, than not have had at all" is a lie...I would have given anything to have that buck on my wall...
  9. I do not believe that "pin" lights are illegal in Minnesota, from what I understand...no lights can be emitted on an animal for the purpose of taking it. I may be wrong, but it would make you wonder why they do sell so many lighted pins in this state. I do know that a friend of mine contacted the DNR about using a laser on his bow and was told it was illegal. As far as a lighted sight pin...I suppose some people would hunt under moon light, but they are probably the same ones that could use any artificial light. I think shining is a morale issue, the same goes for hunting after legal hours.
  10. I would be 100 percent for a buck lottery system...it wouldn't be any different than a slot limit on fish. Give the deer a few years to grow and then you would hear everyone talking about the "Big Buck" they saw, not...all I see are does and fawns. I understand that the DNR has made getting a deer a numbers thing...and it doesn't seem to be a problem getting at least one doe every year archery hunting, but it would be great having a good chance to harvest a 140" + buck once in a while. The majority of the bucks we see around here are 1 1/2 year olds. I do like the fact the DNR is at least looking at other management practices...it shows that they are trying to make the hunt enjoyable for everyone. Perhaps more State Parks could become similar to the type of hunts at Camp Ripley...protect the deer for the majority of the year and open it up to a limited special hunt. I know some are doing that now...guess I'll have to look into it next year.
  11. I would hunt they same stand...sounds like it has no clue what it was. I missed a doe 2 years ago and then shot her 2 days later out of the same stand at almost the same time of day. It didn't appear that she changed her habits any. Now, had he spooked and worked his way around to get a whif of you...then I would set up in a different tree. I had that happen one time, I moved my stand about 40 yards away. The buck came from the same area a week later and stopped about 60 yards from the old stand location and looked up and around...sniffing. He knew I should have been there...I didn't ever get another shot on him, but I wasn't busted either. Good Luck and stay positive...if it is meant to be...it will be!
  12. I know that this may not be a welcomed answer, but I feel that MN should go to a drawing for buck tags with a preference point system and allow the purchase of a general deer tag for does and fawns. They could even go as far as making it a minium 3 points on at least one side for the buck tag. I do not understand how they can offer up to 5 licenses in some areas, with 4 being for does. I would love to hear that people are talking about certain counties in Minnesota as being trophy buck areas (similar to Pike County, IL or Buffalo County, WI). If nothing else, move the opener away from the rut...give the deer a chance to reproduce in peace. Sure, there are many big bucks that get harvested and many that don't...but how often do you get to see them...we have plenty of deer in Pope County and some are huge, but I would guess that 80 % of the bucks shot are 1 1/2 years old...lil' basket racks. Just think if they could live another year or two.
  13. I bought a Browning Tornado 3 years ago and love it. I know that there are many bows out there that probably are better, but for a mid-range priced bow it has been a lot of fun to shoot. (not that I didn't dream of a Mathews or Bowtech, just didn't want to spend the $'s).
  14. How can anyone go wrong with a big slab crappie? 2 lb. test, ultralight rod, a glo jig tipped with a small minnow and the trusty FL8...ooohhh.... Slabs Walleyes Perch Sunnies and Northerns for the fight, but I hate slime... I would love to give Lake Trout a try someday....or Brown Trout around Door County, WI...
  15. I too had used some old skis that I got from a ski shop in Colorado. They did work great as long as there wasn't much snow, but then a light bulb came on and I made a sled out of PCV with a plywood top. This worked great for about 2 years hauling all of my gear and 6 x 8 suitcase portable. I do not know if the PC got fragile from age or the cold weather, but one night pulling it over an ice heave it shattered. I had to carry all the items from there to the truck, cussing the whole way. I have since made a frame for the sled out of 2 x 4's and the legs are about 12 inches long. This sled can handle a lot of weight and pulls really easy, even through deep snow. I have outpulled by hand everyone that I have fished with using Otters and Fishtraps. The dimensions of the top of the sled are 4 feet by 5 feet. I suppose the total cost was around $25 to make.
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