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  1. priorbass

    Ice rod reel seat

    Jake a plate reel seat works good. They just got them in at midwest rod and reel.
  2. priorbass

    May Rod Building Class

    There are some openings as of last week...so you still have time to sign up. Check out http://www.buildtofish.com for times and dates
  3. priorbass

    Take apart rod Question

    Moose we have travel rod blanks that we sale at our shop in Prior lake...they will break down any where from 2 pc. to 3 and 4 pc....i have seneral different ones to pick from...give us a call and I can give all the info you need...see contact info on our web site
  4. There will be a rod building class in the city of Savage starting on May 7. Check out http://www.buildtofish.com a web-site of Midwest Rod and Reel for more info.The class will fill fast.
  5. priorbass

    How to determine correct size tip to buy?

    Use caliper and measure in MM...or bring to the Midwest rod and reel shop in Prior Lake and we can size for you and sell you the tip or just put one on for a fee.
  6. Here are the show hours Wednesday april 2 1pm-9pm Thursday april 3 1pm-9pm Friday april 4 1pm-9pm Saturday april 5 10am-9pm Sunday april 6 10am-5pm Stop by the booth...good time to see tactical fishing rods or talk about a rod building class or rod building components that we stock. HOPE TO SEE YOU AT THE SHOW
  7. Hi Scott...glad you enjoyed the class and hope you build some more rods...any ? on building more you know where to find us for help
  8. priorbass

    Time of year you caught your biggest bass.

    Must of been mid july 6 1/4 pounder
  9. priorbass

    Share if you Dare!

    Deitz you know all the tricks
  10. priorbass

    Rod blanks...

    upnorth do not for get to take a look at the ISB822.5 in the rx7 series...very good blank for the price
  11. priorbass

    Rod "crafting"

    nice work upnorth...looks real nice
  12. Hey harvey lee...may I say for a frist rod you did very well...it looked great and was glad to hear Al did a good jod with you...enjoy fishing with it.
  13. Hi Harvey Lee, glad to hear you are injoying the rod building class. As for the next rods you build we will be there to give all the help you need to get them done. Thanks for taking the class.
  14. priorbass

    Rod blanks...

    A 6'3" IMX...the cost on the blank would about $120 with all top shelf components $200 would be my guess with out looking all the parts up.
  15. priorbass

    Rod building classes

    Hi MR.Northlander....you get about 6 to 7 people together and place to teacher and we could come to you and do a class on a week end...call me