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  1. The first post mentioned Denny Hecker. Is he involved with this or what? I think its good that the Vikes are sold and are said to be staying in MN and probably a new stadium. I saw the New York Times today and there were 3 big articles in there about MN teams. The Santana signing, the Twolves sucking it up, and now the new Vikes owner. Pretty impressive! -MGH-
  2. I have wanted to go dog hunting out there in SD. What kind of gun do you use? How much does a license cost? Is there any public land that has some dogs hideing in there? -MGH-
  3. Alright good deal then. We got two more Saturdays. Good Luck! -MGH-
  4. I was wondering when the end of the fishing season for walleyes and northerns is. Is it this Saturday? I looked on the DNR HSOforum but couldn't find anything, just the opener. Thanks! -MGH-
  5. $660 worth of gophers! WOW that is impressive. How long did it take to get that much? What types of traps do you use? Those are just pocket gophers right? As you can tell by my name, I also like getting rid of those pesky varmits. I can't wait until spring when those stripies come out. Keep up the good work! -MGH-
  6. Nice pics, Its great to see your little guy out there starting while he's young! Looks like you'll have a fishing partner for a long time. Good Luck -MGH-
  7. Wow Eric you sure post a lot in a short period of time! I see from some of your other posts you like to give out lots of tips and pointers. I find your tips to be interesting and something worthwhile reading. Have you ever thought about writing for a magazine or anything? I think you would be good at it. Also, you talk about scouting a lot. I'm just curious but where do you scout and hunt when you live in the cities? Good luck next season. I'll try some of your tips and see how they work. -MGH-
  8. I like the idea of the reflective FM logo. I'd definately buy one.
  9. Don't forget to make sure you have a little air flow and venting in your house. The CO with two heaters going could be a little dangerous. Having some air flow and maybe a little cooler in there is better than dying from CO poisoning. Be safe and good luck! -MGH-
  10. I've had some good success with the Buckshot spoons/jigs. I usually tip them with a minnow head and sometimes a tail when the fish are really biting. They work great for perch, walleyes, and northerns. Also, some glow in the dark on the back side.
  11. I'm thinking of buying a lantern for some light in my portable. A couple candles aren't bright enough. What do you guys think would be better, gas or propane? I would think the gas would be cheaper to run and I think the prices for the actual lanterns are similar. Also, does one give off more light or heat than the other? Thanks, -MGH-
  12. I'm gunna be coming home from college for break and was wondering how the hunting has been in the Redwood Falls area. Thanks! -MGH-
  13. Haha I totally agree with Stratosman. I think that that challenge with the ball placement was just plain dumb. You have a QB bigger than most linebackers. Just shut up and keep the timeouts to use to figure out plays that might actually work instead of having your WR throw a pass when the game/season is on the line. -MGH-
  14. Yeah, this this is just plain ridonculous! Is this a new law or what? I don't get what a walkie talkie would do to "aid" in catching fish. This is the dumbest law that the DNR has made. What are they thinking? -MGH-
  15. Wow what a coincidence, I just caught a northern tonight on some Gulp. Although I wasn't trying to catch a northern on it. I found some cheap Gulp Grubs at Gander Mt. the other day and decided to try em out today. I just ripped off a little chunk as I was going for some gills or perch. They seemed to work, or at least for today! -MGH-
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