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  1. packattack

    Auger tip!

    Just another little tip. Take a some black tape and go around the shaft of your auger where the bolt goes through. This way even if the bolt comes loose it won't fall out.
  2. My shappell is in its 9th season. No complaints, I have the 3000 though, because of the added fishing space. Watch out fot the windows though, they crack easily.
  3. Pickles, apples and grapes. I think that she would eat the whole bag if you would let her.
  4. Teca's all the way. Smooth as a ...., well you know what I mean. Pretty resonably priced too, I have bought all of mine at sprotmans warehouse.
  5. I have to argree. I didn't buy one because I would need 2 of them because I always take both spikes and waxes. This would probably make me think twice about buying one.
  6. I used "tenactin". Not sure about the spelling, but it is the same stuff that you use for atheletes feet. Worked good for me. I applied twice a day at feeding time. The sore will go away in about a week, but the hair won't return for a month or more.
  7. I have the Frabil ranger, I just keep the top 8 inches of the zipper open. This almost eliminates the frost problem for me.
  8. The problem could be that you are cutting the toe nails to short and crushing the blood vessels. Just a thought.
  9. I have found that dogs in kennels will only eat their own if they are hungry. Not to ask a stupid questions but are you feeding her enough. I had this problem for a while with a couple of my females. It all stopped when I increased the amount of food by about a half a cup.
  10. Not to go against the grain here, but I actually didn't like mine and returned it. I found it hard to find the tackle that I needed. I have all of my tackle arranged in small tackle boxes depending on what species I was fishing. When I put them into the Revolution bag I couldn't find the one that I wanted. I use a bucket buddy bag that fits around a five gallong pail. It has lots of pockets to orginize my gear the way that I want. I put my poles in the pockets where the pliers and screwdrivers would have gone. My depth finder goes inside the pail and away I go. The only advantage that I seen was that you could just throw the hole thing in the back of the pickup and go home. But I prefer to put my poles in the backseat any way. Just beacme another thing to drag along. Always seemed like I was taking a bucket along just for the fish. Now I just put them under my depth finder for the ride home. Just one mans opinion.
  11. That ain't no kidding, please be kind I got a really bad itch that I can't scratch. Come on Ice, lets get go!!!!!
  12. Thanks alot, now I can get half as much work done as last week.
  13. I think that you are confused a little bit. You have the general idea of the process. Near the bobbers in any store you can find bobber stops, they look like pieces of colored string tied onto a short piece of plastic straw. You slide you fishing line through the straw and slide the colored string onto you main fishing line. You then tighten the colored string onto your main fishing line. What you end up with is a knot that will slide up and down on your main line. When you move from hole to hole all you do is slide the colored string knot up or down accordingly.
  14. Might want to check your pop up blocker. I know that when I tried to read them at first it was blocking them. If you don't have a pop up blocker I am no help.
  15. I have had this problem, but I was using 1 lb test line on an old bobber. I guess I am not a big fan of the Ice buster. I know of a lot of guys that swear by them. I think that they are to long for me, I prefer the a small tear drop shaped one.
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