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  1. I've always wanted one for the permanent as well, but can't justify the price. Maybe if it's on clearance... Still can't beat a colender. They're cheap, come in lots of sizes, and get the smallest particles out of the hole quick & easy.
  2. I get so p.o.'d when I see/hear about that happening. I can't believe those who are out enjoying the outdoors could care so little about it. Thanks for cleaning up after others. We all appreciate it............Daryl.
  3. Thanks for all the great responses. Looks like I'll be headed to Vex this week. FYI..I received a response from their service dept in only about 15 mins. Pretty nice. Here's what they had to say... Daryl, Normally brushes do not make any kind of rattle or grinding noise that is real loud. As they wear, some brush wear may cling to the slip rings momentarily. It will start a high pitch tin type noise until it is cast off of the slip rings and then will quiet down to a normal noise again. If this is a constant loud noise it is most likely a motor going bad. Replacement of the motor, brush plate and slip rings is about $100.00. That includes part, labor, shipping and tax. If you would like to send it to us for evaluation, send it to the address below along with your name, address, daytime phone number and a brief description of the problem. We will evaluate and call you with an estimate. Thanks
  4. Thanks Beretta. I'll give it a try. Anyone else have suggestions?
  5. I finally made it on the ice for a cpl hours this weekend! My Vex is about 10 years old and still works good, but it's getting VERY loud. The battery was getting low, but I can't imagine that making a difference. Is this a sign that it's quitting on me? Are there any adjustments or internal cleaning that I can/should do? Thanks for any help...........Daryl.
  6. Don't get too excited and forget a fish house license! Have a great time with the new rig. Oh, and always put the bait with the beer so you never forget your bait!
  7. I appreciate the reply. Good luck to you this weekend. Hopefully we'll have some good weather.
  8. I'm heading to Yellowbird Friday morning. I stayed at Totem about 10 years ago. Tried for Wiley, but were booked. Do you frequent the area? Any suggestions on where to start fishing for the eyes?
  9. fishing41


    Quote: Was out today and caught 6 walleye one 7lb. But the biggest suprise of the day was a 6.9 lbs tullibee. I don't know what the world record is but it barely fit through the hole looked like a football. Wow, that's a monster. Sure it wasn't a whitefish?
  10. I've fished from spear houses many many times. It's just one more reason I like to use a 10" auger. Sometimes I'll drill 2 or 3 connected holes so I have a better view!
  11. I have the same issue with my house. It's an 8x12 house with the tires on the outside. I got a smokin' deal on it, so I can't complain too much, but due to the width, I don't take it anywhere but my home lake. I called the state patrol when I got it to ask the towing questions as well. I could get a permit, but it would only be for certain days/times and would be WAY too much of a hassle. For me, it's really more of a safety issue than a legality issue. There's absolutely NO WAY of seeing behind or around the house while driving. You'd be taking completely blind corners and would never know what was behind you. Only option would be to have someone follow you with a cell phone or a radio. Too much hassle. I stick with the portable when traveling.
  12. Fines are WAY TOO LOW!!! Not just for poachers either. If you're going to break the law, you've got to PAY. It's gotta hurt the pocket bock and hurt bad if it's going to make people think twice--be it poaching or whatever. I'm sick of the whimpy fines/punishments.
  13. I was thinking about getting a solar charger for my permanent house? Does anyone have experience with them? Do they work very well? Worth the money?
  14. Quote: Big Sand. I've been to deer river a couple of times. Big Sand had 4" on it? Even our bay (on Thunder) only has 1 1/2 - 2" on it. The lake is wide open. I wont get my house out until X-mas (if I'm lucky)
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