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  1. i got the new ice team suit and i think it will be great, but i think it depends on how much you want to spend
  2. i use fireline 8-4 but i dont fish for gills, perch and walleye. i use the trilene knot that has never failed
  3. used them for years and would not use anything else
  4. Tractor supply was 118.00 and sportsman warehouse was 119.00
  5. WxMan, what store do you have in Sioux Falls? I get down there alot
  6. IceJohn, yes i sell my tackle....hsolist and a few stores
  7. Thorne Brothers has a very good one
  8. i got the new ice team bibs and jacket, i love the padded knees in the bibs and the padded butt im not sure, feels like you got a load in your shorts!
  9. Augernaut, i use a converter off my 12v charger so i can run 110, saves on the vex and runs all day
  10. i got the christmas light rope at menards and run it off the battery charger i use to run my radio too
  11. i got 2 tube mounted ones you can have for 30.00 still bran new
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