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  1. eye_point

    whats the best way to catch a Piker?

    11:00am -- yellow/green split tail Mister Twister, casting towards weeds. Later, find a dock, a six pack, a sucker minnow under a large bobber, and enjoy the afternoon.
  2. Like the Lake One entry idea, go as far as you can on the first day, and day trip from there.
  3. BearBait, Stabilizers on canoe are excellent, put in front of bar on back seat. One can put out (and down) when fishing, leave up (in) when traveling. I would put portable fish finder on the back (suction cup) and, if necessary, trolling motor on the front. It all works the greatest and definitely take it for use.
  4. eye_point

    Bobber fishing for walleyes

    Mr. Haley, excellent tip; much appreciated.