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  1. Walleyedude2001: replacement thermal cover fit better on my old X2 than the original skin did. I Just put it on, so I have no idea what it will do when I hit the ice. Not sure why they would tell you it wouldn't work when their HSOforum clearly states it fits both X2 & X2 thermal Shelters. No problems upgrading........strongly recommend it!
  2. I have had the older version X2 since 2007, and just upgraded it with the thermal cover this year. The first question I would ask you is what you are planning to pull it out on the ice with? If its your feet, look elsewhere, this thing is an absolute beast to move on snow covered ice! I have the runner kit on mine, and it provides no help sliding across the snow. I am able to load it in the back of my pickup by setting it up on end, pushing the nose over on the tailgate, then lifting straight up while pushing the sled forward towards the cab. Less than ideal, but can be done if you're in fairly good shape. Having said all that, I love my X2 and would never think to replace it!
  3. My wheelhouse was set up with the battery storage located outside right next to the propane tank, and it got me thinking that might not be the best thing when the temps fall well below zero. Let me know your thoughts?
  4. I will be using it in my new zack shack that I will be picking up over the Christmas holidays. First trip out will be to Mille Lacs, then Red Lake, then Lake of the Woods, then ending the trip over in Rainy. Going to be spending two weeks running around northern Minnesota before returning back to Michigan. Once I have it back in Michigan it will be used several time a week reopening holes in my shack at Elk lake, which is right out my back door. Currently have a Strikemaster lite so either way I'm a winner!!!!!!! Dave Rassett Elk Rapids, MI
  5. Congrats sunniewally, sounds like you are going to have fun this season! What are you planing to use to pull it on the ice? Can I ask what you paid for it and what options you went with?
  6. I've been quoted $4,600 - $4,800 for a 2012 6X10 deluxe Zack Shack from two diferent places that have them in stock. My real concern is if they will be as portable as they make them out to be? Lakes I fish do not have plowed roads, and normaly have 6-18" of snow on them. Need to make sure that I will be able to get it on the lake using a snowmobile/ATV. I know I will need skis, but I was hoping to hear from others that have done it in the past, and what their expereinces were. Thanks,
  7. Cost is the issue!! and looking for a used one seems to be a challenge this time of year. I have canvas portables, and they work great for day trips, but I have got to believe that a hard side is the way to go for trailering, and overnight stays on the ice!
  8. Sounds like these give you the best of both worlds.....a hard side "portable" that doubles as a trailer to get the wheeler to the lake, and would also give me the flexability to stay the night if I want. Sounds a little too good to be true? Would like to hear feedback from owners who have used them. Also, would you recommend the 10' or 12' version? fish by myself mostly, but would like the ability to invite others without overcrowding. Thanks,
  9. 49CC Lazer Mag Express is only a few seasons old. Runs and cuts great. Will cover shipping charge if I get my asking price of $275.00
  10. 49CC Lazer Mag Express is only a few seasons old. Runs and cuts great. Will cover shipping charge if I get my asking price of $275.00
  11. They will be stamped with the country they were manufactured in. If it says China get them replaced before you do anything else and you will be very HAPPY!
  12. Check your blades to see if they were "made in China" if so I would recommend that you contact Strikemaster with your unit S/N# and have them send you a replacement set of Sweden blades free of charge. Mine was doing the exact same thing shortly after I purchased it and this was the fix.
  13. 4wanderingeye, happy to hear that you ok with the unit performing like that, but I'm pretty sure that it's not right? Everyone else is reporting that they have more sensativity (need to turn down the gain) when they go from wide beam to narrow beam, and I'm needing to turn mine up 10 just to see my jig. I'm thinking that is not the way it should work. Does anyone use theirs to shoot thru the ice to get the initial lake depth prior to drilling your holes? If so, have you ever been able to read the digital depth in the middle of the LCD read out? I really do like everrything about this unit except the lack of sensativity, so I'm hopeful that I can get Humminbird to send me a pelacement transducer and that takes care of the sensativity issues.
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