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  1. When I was a kid we used to fish on Rice Creek right on hyw 65 in Fridley. There was a little pond off one side of the creek where we would sit on the bank, soak our feet and fish. We had a stringer with a couple bullheads on it, staked to the bank with a stick. We noticed the stinger jumping around so we pulled it up. There was a snapping turtle hanging onto one of our bullheads that must have been 10 or 15 lbs. It dropped off and disappeared under the roots of a large tree on the bank. We never soaked our feet there again.
  2. Dave1

    Game Fair

    Its at Armstrong Ranch between Anoka and Elk River, about 20 minutes northwest of Minneapolis. Take hyw 10 to Armstrong Road (83) and go north a couple miles. Watch for the sign for Lions parking. You'll want to park in the lot operated by the local Lions club, pay a few bucks to park. Ride their shuttle bus about a 3/4 mile to the gate. Bring your dog on the bus, its a tradition, and it may be his only chance to ride on a school bus. He'll be right at home with the thousand other dogs that'll be there. Watch where you step. I think they require a rabbies tag if you are bringing your dog. You may want to call them if you are bringing a dog. 9 bucks for adults. Really you want to check their web site, you may want to bring your shotgun, or bow or other stuff. I go every couple years to see whats new, and get the blood pumping for hunting season. Its a riot.
  3. "Somewhere" ...as in "Its noon somewhere".
  4. Put it in a refrigerated trailer and charge two bucks to look at it at the Statefair.
  5. Does the tube float? Put some rocks in it, get it to sink. Its colder at the bottom. Works good with minnows also.
  6. Never heard of a No Power Loading launch. I assume you are expected to crank your boat up at these launches. Whats the reason behind these? Not that I care. I never powerload, because my trailer is not exactly an engineering wonder and if a roller gets out of place I end up with a big gash in my boat. Back the trailer in far enough and I usually only have to crank up 3 - 4 ft. If its a steep ramp and she's crankin too hard, back in a little further.
  7. Dave1

    Trailer Licenses

    Ya they're permanent. Seems like it was about 80 bucks to licence a small trailer I built. The cost goes up with weight rating, so error on the light side when they ask you what the axle weigth rating is.
  8. If you're camping at Kathio do you have access to Mille Lacs or do you end up driving to a public access that is right on Mille Lacs?
  9. There is a large place called Lambs that I thought was run very well. When everyone else is full Lambs usually has an opening. Just South of Tofte on the north shore.
  10. Yes its worth it. An outboard should last 30 years. You will enjoy it more, and always be happy with max HP, and you will soon forget about the cost. Also makes it easier to sell if you ever decide to.
  11. From what Ive seen, Canada doesn't police there own people very well. A friend was checking out some campgrounds when he was there for a wedding and said the drinking in the campgrounds was so rampant he wouldn't stay there with his family. The costs and limits are rediculous. Canada can keep their fish.
  12. ...your television has a gash in it from a power auger.
  13. Is there a special "Packers get the fumbles" rule at Lambeau? Tell Favre to get a shave.
  14. Anyone know where to get good pork ribs with lean meat on em consitantly? Most of the ones I bought this summer we so fatty they were barely edible. Anyone know of a good supplier?
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