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  1. "kids swallow quarters all the time" "if he craps out two dimes and a nickel then you can start worrying" "I really wish you would start smoking filtered cigarettes pop" "well you can wish in one hand and [email protected] in the other and see which one gets filled first" A truely magnificent movie!
  2. Hello anyfishaldo, A great question and one that is difficult to answer but here it goes.... One thing to keep in mind is that you will need to purchase a lakemaster or navionics chip, or your gps will be pretty much useless for ice-fishing. With that said, it is an extremely useful tool. If you fish large lakes, eg mille lacs, leech etc, the gps (with chip) is invaluable. However, if you fish smaller lakes, there is a chance that the lakes you fish may not be included in the lakes that have been pre-programmed on the chip. So, if you buy the gps (with a chip) and you fish lakes that are not on the list, the gps will not do you any good. I would go to Lakemaster's HSOforum and check out the list of lakes that come with the chip. If your favorite lakes are in the chip, it is worth it. If not, you would be better off exploring on your own. If there are lakes that you have never fished,that you want to fish, that are intimidating to you, eg mille lac, leech, red, etc. the gps (with chip) is a great investment. Because of the distances that I have to travel to get to good waters, a gps (with chip) is worth double its weight in gold. I am heading up to Leech this year for the first time and have no idea where to go. For the past month I have been marking spots that I think will make it a successful trip. I have no problem taking the risk of traveling over 600 miles to fish a lake I know nothing about because of my gps. The bottom line is if you want to explore different lakes, that are on the list, the gps (with chip) is a great investment and will make your outings more successful. I know I may have rambled a little bit but I pondered this same question and am glad that I made the decision that I did! Good luck this season!! Nate Riddle
  3. nate18

    Ice Line

    Berkley Vanish has been my go to line for all species over the past couple of years. I don't have a complaint, even use it to fish for lakers in 100' of water. it does not stretch as much a mono so getting a good hook set even at those depths can be achieved! Good Luck! Nate Riddle
  4. Hello All, I am planning on doing a lot of Laker fishing this year. I am looking for some help on "must haves" as far as lure selection goes. I did pretty well with spoons last year but don't want to limit myself to just that offering. Specifics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Nate
  5. I second the Military Mickey Mouse boots. One year on Mille Lacs, I stood in about 6" of water for 6 hours and my feet never got cold once. You do not need any special inserts, socks, etc. a regular white sock, that you would wear with sneakers, is all you need. I have had mine for 8 years and they still look brand new. It has been said before, they are heavier than other boots, but I walk around in them all day hole hoping with no problem. Good luck! Nate
  6. Hello all, Thanks much for the feedback on my topic. RSS and LEP7MM are correct, IL does not have registrations for ATVs. I called the WI DNR and they suggested that I register it in WI. It appears that as long as it is registered, no matter what state, I should be fine. Now i just need to flip a coin and figure out which state i should give my money to. Thanks again for the help! Nate
  7. Hello all, I have the unfortunate limitation of living in IL, and ice-fish in MN, WI and MI. Do I need to obtain an ATV registration for each state? The only thing I use my ATV for is fishing, from the trailer to the lake and back on the trailer. Do I need any special permits in MN? Thanks in advance for all the help. Nate
  8. Hello all, I have the unfortunate limitation of living in IL, and ice-fish in MN, WI and MI. Do I need to obtain an ATV registration for each state? The only thing I use my ATV for is fishing, from the trailer to the lake and back on the trailer. Do I need any special permits in MN? Thanks in advance for all the help. Nate
  9. nate18

    Marcum ???????'s

    I have the lx3 and the lx5, I had the lx3 for 2 seasons before i ran into a small problem with the zoom. I called marcum, shipped it to their service department, and they didn't charge me a dime, even though the warranty ran out by then. I am sure that nature vison will be different, but the units have been pretty solid for me and I am really hard on equipment. I don't really think you could go wrong with either the marcum or the vex, both great products. On the company change, I don't know much about nature vision but they purchased a company who penetrated a pretty saturated market, by vex, and did well. Although marketing/advertising did them well, you can't put a price on great customer service, innovation, quality, and vision. In a pretty competitive market, nature vision will have to provide the current customer base with great customer service, as well as, new product innovation, for us and the market, in order to succeed. Word of mouth, in a close nit group such as ours, is a powerful marketing tool. Nature Vision will have to continue in the footsteps of the Marcum mission, which, is to provide the necessary tools to make us successful. If they falter in any way, they will not last long. It is pretty easy to keep us happy, provide great customer service and great product innovation and we will buy, one thing we are all good at, golfers have nothing on us!
  10. Tiny20. I own about 6 of these reels and they are great! for heavier rods I usually prefer Daiwa, but for light action rods the Silstar Tiny 20 is hard to beat, and inexpensive. Good Luck! Nate
  11. nate18

    Crappie Help....

    Bob D All above is great info. On my favorite Crappie lake I fish in 16-20' of water and as dusk approaches I fish about 6"-1'off the bottom. If you hook up, and the bite stops, try bringing your presentations up a foot. I find that as the night progresses the bait fish ride higher and higher in the water column and the crappie follow. It is not uncommon, for me, to catch my first crappie on the bottom and my last one 4-7 feet below the ice. I hope this helps and good luck! I thought I would also note that I catch crappie in a completely different spot than in the spring!
  12. I want to plan a trip in January to Mille Lacs but I do not know which guide service to use. If any one out there has any recommendations I would greatly appreciate it. I would welcome other destinations as well. Thanks in advance for all the help! Nate Riddle [email protected]
  13. My plan is to head up to the Hayward or Duluth area this weekend and want to know if anyone out there has any info on the ice conditions. The weather has been great up there with this cold snap, but I want to make sure before I make the 7 hour trip. I just can't wait! Thanks much in advance. Nate
  14. I was wondering if anyone out there can give me some feedback on whether or not I should travel from Chicago to St. Paul this weekend for the fishing show. Are there items there that may not exist anywhere else? I am not sure that it would be worth driving the 6 hours one way. Thanks much in advance for your responses. -nate
  15. If you are looking for Mickey Mouse boots that are inexpensive, do a search for "Barre Army Navy Store, Mickey Mouse Boots". I purchase from this store a few years ago and the boots are in great condition. Used w/out valve have withstood temperatures below freezing for me w/out windchill. I hope this helps. -nate
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