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  1. Look for a digital optical port on the modem and the Kenwood. It will look like a little tombstone shaped port. If you have them, and cable is a few bucks. Remember to remove the gooey connector protector from both ends of the cable before plugging it in. It is an easy miss!
  2. Well, take the 3 minutes to watch the video. They may well have stocked others, but look at what they showed them stocking, and tell us if that's what you caught.
  3. Then you didn't catch what they were stocking. I didn't watch an internet video. I watched the CH5 news. I provided you with the link to the video.
  4. No problem!! I just thought that they did. I seem to remember them saying that it was about a two mile stretch that you could keep a limit from, and the rest is C&R.
  5. Look a bit bigger than that to me. Here's the video. http://kstp.com/article/stories/S3396979.shtml?cat=12196
  6. Bandersnatch

    Hay Creek

    Thanks Jim! Was it the usual Hay Creek madness? Used to be like a day at the State Fair!
  7. Was hoping for a replay on FS1 but no joy. (hey FOX! some of us work!)
  8. Yeah, I hate that. I think my first spring Crappie trip to ML was in 1959. I was 6, and went with Gramps and Dad. I was hoping that it would stay quite too.
  9. I have seen a couple of posts on wind problems, so I'll pop this in here. Here is an easy ice anchor for ya. Fill a couple of coffee cans with concrete and an eye bolt(size the cans to the holes your normally drill). Just drill yourself a couple of holes on the windward side, down deep enough that the cans can't pop out, drop them in and your good to go, the vehical is still free for that "Oh dump, we need more minnows" run!
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