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  1. This is the first time i've heard your supposed to unplug the charge meter when storing. I charged my battery once in June but left the meter on after that and the baterry doesn't seem to take a charge like last year. I turned the unit on a couple of days ago and let it run for almost 2 days so the battery isn't shot, I'll see how it charges now.
  2. Took it out yesterday after moving the display back and it worked great. Thought the display might be blocked by the bag but its not and the unit still pivots with ease without rubbing on the battery. Very easy to get the puck in and out now.
  3. Had trouble putting puck away (and getting it out) so I took the four bolts out of the bracket that holds the flasher and used the slotted space inbetween the bolt holes and using only two of the bolts slid the bracket back about 1/2 inch. Now everything works perfect.
  4. I put the ducer in the holder wet and moved to a new spot and it froze in once, don't forget to dry the ducer before you store it. A little velcro on the bottom of the bag can be added easily with the kind that has tape on one side so you could velcro a piece of foam to the bottom. I like the dual beam to eliminate my buddies jig showing up on my screen. If I could add somthing to the unit it would be a dimmer switch for the display but there's still not a better flasher on the market.
  5. [note from Admin use the for sale forum]
  6. JBinSD

    Big buddy

    The little buddy won't keep up if its cold and windy, I use a little buddy when its not so bad and a heater/cooker when its nasty. My son bought a big buddy last year and returned it so I don't know how it would be when really cold. We havn't had much snow the last 3 yrs here but when your able to bank your portable with snow a little buddy works pretty good.
  7. We fished the slough Sat. and there was a red ford with his front end in the ice and 20 vehicles on shore that pulled there stuff out. Then about an hour later a wrecker came and pulled the pickup out and the next 10-15 vehicles that showed up drove out. It was like the big warning sign had been removed so every one started driving on the ice. I would guess the ice on the main lake about the same, 12-15 inches of ice with the top 6 inches pretty questionable. It might look pretty good where you drill but who knows what you just drove over??
  8. I usually put an Ice Buster bobber on mine.
  9. There are quite a few goats in SD, I'm sure there are more in Wyo but like I said we saw hundreds of goats on the property we hunted. The rut is the best time to decoy which generally peaks Sept 15 but if I had two weeks in 05 I'd go sept 11-24th. The earliest I've killed a goat decoying is Sept 9th and the latest is Sept 21st, not to say it wouldn't work before or after that but I see way too many people trying to decoy every buck they see any time they see it from the middle of August on.
  10. It will run with just one hose hooked up to one side.
  11. If you check out the Marcum LX-1 or LX-3 after fishing with a Vex, you won't get a Vexilar. Somebody on the ice will probably let you use their auger but not there electronics.
  12. I decdoyed this one this year we were 5 out of 7, all decoyed. No Unauthorized Links, Please Read the Fourm Policy
  13. What's the best way to get traction for my three wheeler on the ice? I thought about putting a bunch of sheet metal screws in the tread but depending on how many screw you put in, it might cost more than chains. Maybe chains on the back and screw in the front, What do you think??
  14. Anyone have one of these? Havn't heard any reports on how they work. Just curious??
  15. You should be able to find a good number of goats on public land and there should be some nice sized ones. This year the rut was a little later than usual where I hunted, seemed to peak around the 21st of Sept.
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