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  1. Yeah great shots. We get those when our flowers are in full bloom. They are much more social than hummingbirds, often flying around us while watering flowers in the late evening. On more than one occasion I've had to sho them out of our garage before shutting the door.
  2. I have a Humminbird Smart Cast - the "watch" version. I like it - but if I had to do it again I'd get the kind that mounts on the rod. You can mount this one on something in the kayak instead of the rod & it's easier to look at. I don't use the little green tug boat (the transducer) as a bobber. I just have it hooked to an old bow string tied on the 'yak & I throw it out in which ever direction I want. It's not really long enough but I haven't bothered to replace it yet. I've gotten one friendly question about that - not from a C.O. but from a fellow angler just making sure I knew it was out there and I had another line down too. I paddle mine backwards too. Especially when Lindy rigging with Phelps Floaters - it works to "troll" like that. I can watch the rod tip easily. I got my deck loops at Dick's Sporting Goods.
  3. I have the Pro Angler. It's not going to win any races, but the design is great for keeping it stable. I added an extra rod holder that I am using for a small net. I have a RAM mount on there for my GPS too. It's easy to get in & out. It has done well on lakes and on the Cannon River (pretty slow moving & meandering). I wouldn't take it on anything too fast moving, but that's just me. It might do fine, but that's not my cup of tea.
  4. I have a Crow Wing, it tracks very straight. I wonder if something was wrong with the one mentioned before that it would "spin out." While I agree that neither one is safer than the other, a SOT does offer a little easier self recovery if you end up out of it. I have enough ways to keep everything strapped down to my Crow Wing that if I rolled it I wouldn't lose any equipment at all. This can be true for any kayak. It's all how you set them up. Rod leashes and bungies that hold your stuff are typically pretty cheap insurance.
  5. say_der

    Brule River

    I fished the Brule in Judge C.R. Magney State Park a couple weeks ago. The water was very low. I did manage a couple very small trout which I immediately put back. Not sure how a canoe would work on this river at all, there are a lot of rocks and low areas. Good luck.
  6. Anybody here know of any non-motorized tournaments? Seems like it might be kind of fun. Get some exercise, fish, compete.
  7. Why aren't in-line spinners more popular in MN? Like the Big-Bow spinners, Mepps, Panther Martin or Wordens? I think for river fishing they can't be beat because you can catch anything on them. We've used them with great success on lakes too - again catching multiple species of fish on one outing. I'm just wondering why more people don't use them? Or maybe I'm mistaken and they are more popular than I think? I just don't see, hear or read about people using them that much.
  8. Thanks for the reply. It's kind of what I was expecting but not really wanting to hear. I like to fish standing up. I don't bobber fish & I don't troll or drift while fishing. I'm always casting and retreiving. Can anybody recommend a deeper wider aluminum boat that works for this? How does someone know if a transom is good or bad? I'm pretty new to this boat world. I've been fishing out of them for years, just never been fortunate / unfortuante enough to own one. Thanks for any advice.
  9. Anybody on here ever fish out of a fiberglass bass boat and then fish out of an aluminum Jon boat style “bass” boat? I’m assuming there is a big difference. I’ve fished out of Rangers before, but can only afford a BassTracker or a Polar Kraft type aluminum Jon boat style. I’m just wondering how different it will be. I’m mostly concerned with stability when standing on the platforms since it’s a lighter boat. Thanks.
  10. Anybody fish either of these lakes this past weekend? Just wondering how people did.
  11. Anyone know if the Fish Bros. tip ups will be available there? Thanks
  12. I would be nervous about having a lighter or other high intensity heat source close to the line tied to the jig. Those little quick clip things might be an option, but I do prefer to tie directly. I'm thinking having 2 jiggle sticks ready for each hole would be best - keep one combo warm & then warm the other while fishing. Not as much re-tieing = more fishing.
  13. TonkaBass - I whole-heartedly agree the destruction of habitat is far worse than sinkers & split shot for ducks. What should be done about the development of up north gateways & the traffic jams?
  14. How much do you really spend annually on lead stuff right now? I realize this is not in the spirit of tackle exchanges, but I came home with more stuff than I went with. If you want to get the non-toxic stuff cheap, go in the store, buy it, and exchange it. I can't guarantee that you will come out ahead like I did, but it's worth a try to get non-toxic stuff at toxic pricing. At least the toxic stuff doesn't end up at the bottom of a lake and then into a loon, duck or goose.
  15. I did a rather extensive research project on this very subject for a college paper. This is a very good program that the MOEA sponsors. I attended one of the exchanges as part of my research. I ended up with more split shot & jigs than I came in with. I tested them as part of my research & guess what - they work. Biggger problems do exist in this state. Does that mean it makes sense to ignore smaller problems that are easily & inexpensively fixed? Exaggerating the size of the new tackle doesn't fly - a lot of the cool new materials are smaller. I don't have my research info with me, but cost to the consumer isn't much more. If I remember it correctly I think the AVERAGE angler (I know, very hard to define) would maybe spend 5%-10% more on non-lead stuff alone. So if you spend $100 per year on lead now, you'd maybe be out $105-$110 or so. Big deal. People drop $100's of dollars on rod/reel combo's, $1000's of dollars on boats & then gripe because non-lead substitutes cost a little bit more, something they are probably not buying tons of anyway. Like I said, it might be a small politically motivated problem that's being solved by this, but I couldn't find a logical reason not to fix the problem if possible. And believe me, I tried because when I first started my research project I was on the other side of the fence.
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