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  1. Thanks guys! Toadbelly, I've never been on Long, except snowmobiling, but I know its a big lake. Got any areas to start looking?
  2. Hey all, Hoping someone can help me out here. We have a place on a small lake north of Spooner, and am looking for some decent walleye lakes. I've grown up fishing Mille Lacs, Winny, Leech, etc. and have had great success, but I am struggling big time over here in northern Sconi. I pull a lot of spinners and lindys drifting or back trolling, but most of those lakes are sandy, gravel, or rocks, with minimal weeds. I come over here and it seems like the only eyes I get are crappie fishing in the weeds. I've fished Shell, McKenzie, the Trego flowage, etc. and only had minimal success. I guess what I'm wondering is if there are some actaul lakes that are kind of "walleye lakes" and what the general tactics are. I dont need anyone to put a fish on my hook, but atleast give me a little direction. I hear people talk a lot about the Minond Flowage. Is that any good? I appreciate any tips or leads anyone has for me. Thanks!
  3. I was talking to the general store owner and I guess a few things have changed this year. One of them being that the floats are not allowed to hand out beer. But...you can still bring your own and drink on the street all day! Just like you said, sure to be a great time!
  4. Fish'n guy, how come you didnt post any pics when I was with you in MN?
  5. Ha, thats funny, you must not be from around here. Good luck, you may as well start looking for some county or state ground up north.
  6. Great post Boilerguy. There is a mojor difference between scouting and working your A** off. If I was going to walk a half mile in waders with decoys on my back, I'd make sure I scouted the area first. If the ducks wouldnt even look at the pothole, they were probably never sitting on it in the first place. I dont think there's a duck hunter in here that hasn't worked there a** off at some point in time to get to a spot.
  7. I agree 100% That Guy. The number of hunters is definetely up since the 70's, which in turn pushes the ducks around more, making them harder to find. I guess I can see everyones point of view on this one, but its still a pretty bold statement to come out and say Duck Hunting Sucks. You are probably right, the numbers in Duluth may be down, but there are still ducks around. If you just go out to "ole honeyhole I've been hunting since 1970", and expect to shoot a limit, I think you might go home with the "duck hunting sucks" attitude. Like everyone else has been saying scout, scout, scout. You might not shoot a limit, but I bet you'll shoot something. On the other hand I love that people have this attitude, it pretty much guarantees that when I do find that flooded field, or flooded crp, and get permission to hunt, that nobody else will be out there......because Duck Hunting Sucks! How can one person estimate 30,000 birds?
  8. yep, I've seen a couple before too. I think an albino anything is possible...
  9. Went out to the ole opener honey hole and shot 7 mallards, two woodies, 7 teal, 4 geese for 4 guys. Went back to the same marsh and shot 8 mallars, 1 wigeon, 3 woodies and 4 teal on sunday. I'll take that for opener any time.
  10. Just wanted to get everyones thoughts about being able to hunt water for the early goose season. I understand that the DNR opened it up to allow hunters to shoot more birds, but it seems to me that we would shoot more if we couldnt hunt water. I do a lot of scouting and that has definetely become more difficult. A lot of birds in a lot of different areas have seemed to vanish on me the last couple years. Now dont get me wrong, I know that just means I need to work harder to find them, and I do, but after they get shot off the roost, finding geese becomes a lot more difficult. It just seems to me that if we were not allowed to hunt water, it would keep geese in an area longer, scouting would be easier, and in turn hunters would help the DNR out by shooting more geese. What is everyone else's thoughts?
  11. Its not going to be that warm. If you shoot your limit by 7:30 and get home you should be fine!
  12. I've done it plenty in the fall like this. Usually I just plant the no-plow clover, which seems to work ok, not as good as my other bigger plots, but worthwhile if your others didnt come through. Even if your not using no-plow, it would still be worth your time. Probably not much help here for you though.
  13. You're right, you can hook them up to just about anything with the radio adaptor, but the nice thing about the docks is that they charge it at the same time. Some docks however dont have charging capabilities, so when you buy your son one, I would atleast make sure it has that.
  14. Ahh.. the old Deer baiting argument....Happens every year here at FM. I'm sure we'll see the same agruements as last year!
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