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  1. Thanks again for all the input guys. I will probably check out the Ice Castles just to see. I do like that they have a dealer network set up, and I dont have to deal with selling my old house outright and I can just trade it in. Some of the smaller places that may or may not build a better house do not want to deal with trade ins. So if fit and finish seems close I may just go with the ease of the castle. Have a good open water season gents!
  2. I guess for me it comes down to paying for a professionally built house. I don't mind fishing on the ice or in a portable or homemade house. However if I am gonna pay thousands of dollars for a house to be professionaly built I excpect some nice fit and finish. I Have heard of ice castles having frame issues to just dump craftsmanship. I just wanted to know if they have taken steps to build a more professional product and not just a house that looks nice at first glance but has some serious craftsmanship flaws, that leaves you with buyers remorse a few months later.
  3. Excellent gents thanks for the input, I may try a house from custom designed innovations out of Saint Cloud. I checked out their facebook page and it looks like good attn to detail etc. I was just thinking ice castle and smokey hills as ease of doing business they accept trades take care of financing etc. However I may just deal with selling outright as I really don't want to regret it later with cut corners etc. I was just hoping ice castle may have cleaned up a lot better.
  4. I may be considering a 6.5x14 ice castle from Smokey Hills Outdoors. If I get it I am having the cooktop and furnace put in front of the V and bunks in the back and bunks along the side. I like this size house for the weight. I think the ice castles look good but are they built any better than they used to be? I hear a lot of stories of shoddy work by ice castle and just wondering if anyone knows if this has changed? Another place I am considering a house from is custom designed innovations out of St Cloud has anyone heard anything good or bad about them? Thanks for any input. Jeremy
  5. Only if they made a 570 RZR S. The 800 S models are at awesome pricing now because of the new 900 S. Which fits the budget a little nicer. I would rather have the less efficient 800 with the better suspension and ground clearance than the 570 with lesser suspension and ground clearance. They really should look at the 570 in a S trim for the guys who just want a capable machine for the trails and fishing. Other than that ya the 570 is a little power house.
  6. Ya we started the year off with such nice cold temps, then this warm spell came along. Bring back the cold!
  7. I doubt it's the best anymore but I use a Garmin 60Csx with lake master chip, it's pretty much right on. I like it because it's very user friendly. It's just very nice to mark spots as well.
  8. I've been fishing from a wheel house for quite awhile, however there is a few times I would like a portable again. Last time I went shopping I saw a flip over by frabill I liked. It had a nice bench seat, and a door on each side instead of one in the front. That layout seemed to make more sense to just exit out the side instead of the front where your fishing. Check out the frabill web site they have seemed to step it up a notch. They just don't have the big name fisherman endorsing their products, which in away I kind of like that they don't.
  9. I run carbide studded tires on all 4 tires on a 4x4 scrambler and it is awesome. I recently got a RZR as well and have been looking for a nice stock set of rims so I can have a set of studded tires for that as well. While they may not go through what tracks can I have not yet had a problem on the lake the can justify the expense of tracks for ice fishing alone. Plus the studs are awesome on the ice in low or no snow conditions.
  10. Anyone know of a sturdy auger mount for the back of a utv cage? I tried the koplin mounts last year but they broke. I like the digger mounts but do not want to install it in the bed as I like to throw gear back there.
  11. I hear what your saying. I also use a plow on the lake and I don't mind others using the road but when they plant right next to you it's aggrevating. I plan on investing in a set of tracks for my rzr and a nice set of skis for the wheel house. Hopefully that will solve the unwanted neighbors. As I won't need to keep a road open then. Also something I thought would be fun, is to take my house off and plow the road I made shut behind me. That would be a Dick move, but no more of a Dick move than those who want to plant right next to me.
  12. Search road dog outdoors
  13. With the snow we have already gotten. I am interested in these as well anyone had any success with these?
  14. Ya it's hard to find a good balance in a truck if your a sportsman. It's nice having a big rig to pull all the equipment but the trade off is size and weight. I would need a good deal of ice for something that heavy and feel comfortable.
  15. Get a RZR with tracks and be done with it.
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