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  1. Just want to get the word out. My brother in law's female yellow went missing in southern MN between Delavan and Easton about a week ago. He's pretty down about the whole deal and is offering a $200 reward for a safe return...and I'll pour in another $100. It would be the best Christmas gift I could ever give him. She is a sweetie and is named Kali, has a burgundy nylon collar. If you know anyone in that general area, I'd sure appreciate a call to them to see if they have seen or heard anything. Thanks, QuackAttack
  2. Why do you need to clean the hair out of the cavity? Take out the tenderloins, hang up the deer and cut up as normal. Any hair from the inside of the cavity won't be on the meat you bone off, and if there is just wash the muscle group in the sink.
  3. My vote “YES” move the season past the rut! Hunting in the southern half of the state would be phenomenal! In a couple of years it may even be like IA. Iowa has the same food, genetics and no point restrictions what's different? The answer: Season dates. Bucks would have a better chance of making it through there first year and be bigger the next, then hunters will manage themselves. Can you imagine passing on bucks until they are in the 3 year class because you know there are bigger boys lurking, then when the season is over any you didn't shoot something with horns feel real okay cause all those teenagers you passed up on will be bigger next year? Everyone wants to shoot a big buck, even the guys who hunt for meat. This of course will never happen, hunters will storm the DNR offices if they moved the hunt out of the rut. I was in the group that said, “If I don’t shoot that buck he’ll jump the fence and I’ll hear a bang from the neighbors”. We’ve wised up and we tried to let the little bucks go, two years later we took the first buck that made the wall in 30 years of hunting that property. Chances are that he was one of those 1.5 8’s we passed the year before. Wow, what a creature he would have been if he’d have been 3.5! Please don’t think I’m demonizing anyone for shooting smaller bucks, I just hope everyone has the opportunity to take a really nice buck in their lifetime and believe this may one of the best ways to make it happen. I may not get one this year but every time I pass a smaller buck, my chances for a bigger one next year goes up, and the chances of the neighbors shooting a big boy next year go up too! Good luck to the stick and stringers tomorrow.
  4. Male American Kestrel "Sparrow Hawk".
  5. Took this on Sunday....well I should say these (photoshop 3 photos) On your mark.............. Get Set...................... GO!
  6. QuackAttack


    We hang the ribcage/spine up in a tree (coyotes can't reach). The woodpeckers love it! Of course it there are situations where you shouldn't do this, use your own judgement.
  7. Know of a dude that blew out the end of his barrel. He claimed to have run about 20 rounds sighting in. Don’t take my word for it…..I’m not a gunsmith.......Read a rifled slug box or better yet call a gunsmith and get their opinion. Kinda funny he wanted to go the cheap route: A) He bought 4 boxes! of "Cheap" slugs to sight in his gun Ended up buying a new barrel! C) Had to use a backup with only a bead for a sight (I’m not knocking the bead I’ve killed many whitetails with that set up, its quite a step backwards from a cantilevered rifled slug barrel with a Nikon scope that he was intending on using) When you need to go in for a bypass......tell them to go the cheap route.
  8. Here are a shot from the family reunion. My grandparents had 12 kids, when this group gets together tensions flare, food and beverage consumed and a great time had by all. The whole clan spawned from north central Iowa and is currently peppered throughout the United States: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado, California, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Washington D.C., New Mexico, Hawaii and Alaska (shoot….it gets hard to keep track) The Grilling Summit. Techniques from Florida, California and Minnesota all combined in one place at one time on 7 grills (five shown). My dad and two of his brothers commence the charbroil culinary masterpiece as 70 thick juicy Minnesota raised pork chops are about to be placed on the BarBee.
  9. Here are some shots of my brother in law's dog. I pulled on the old waders (discovered a leak in the crotch) and got in the water. Here are some of the better ones. I wish it wasn't so overcast, they would have turned out a lot better.
  10. Stats: Dad's 23#, 9.75", 1 1/8"/1 1/8" Mine 24#, 10", 1"/1" If I would have brought any more camera equipment out my old man would have shot me! Here is what I carry: 1 gun, 2 dekes (just in case), 1 tent, 1 chair, Backpack with tripod, camera, zome lens, notebook (I get bored), My vest with about every call known to man and a sack lunch! (If I have an itch....I'm hosed) What I need is a wheelbarrow! I did take some video with my digital of the hen and of the flock, but it was windy and is annoying to watch. I stayed down an extra couple of days to work on the deer shack and to video and photograph turks in the morning, but instead I slept in. Here is another idea for a picture
  11. Last season in Minnesota. We've always applied as it is a safe bet you will draw. This year with the poo-ee weather for the last month has the birds behaving differently from previous years. We had to resort to gorilla tactics. Saturday we had the big flock of 5 Toms, 2 Jakes and 3 hens come within 100 yards, the two jakes broke off and got close.....then the rain came. The toms came out of strut and the flock disolved. They all stayed within 200 yards and looked like they were sleeping. After an 1 hr of setting there in rain we decided to make a move as there were 3 of the toms about 50yds from a finger of woods. We crawled back and went around (way around). Still raining we came up to within 60 yards of the birds, but could only see 1 of the 3, the alfalfa was tall and the birds were just hunkering down. We were getting ready to make the final belly crawl when we were busted. They moved off fairly quickly putting as they went through the downpour. We busted tail all the way around and were able to intersept them again. This time they were real close to the woods, I had one in my sites at 20 ft but backed off to get my dad in position (got greedy). Busted again. Day over, had to dry off. The next day I was able to ambush a gobbler and about an hour and a half after that my old man ambushed one 100yards from where mine was taken. My dad was watching my bird in the bics when I took him and I was watching in the bics when his was taken. I don't need any lectures on the dangers of hunting this way. We are the only hunters on this property. We don't go creaping around without the other one knowing it. My first morning was trashed as a road grader stopped for 45 min to pick morels on our property 100yrd from my setup (with the machine running the whole time) The only birds I could bring in was this bearded hen, the toms wanted nothing to do with her I watched them treat her like she was diseased for 2 days! Here are the shots of my dad and me. Congratulations on all who scored, enjoy the feast!
  12. Here is my entry here is my dad's Story to come in the turkey forum
  13. I trust the dog, also the photo is time stamped. Nice shot, the two swans are my favorites. I'm turkey/morel hunting and may hit a trout stream or two this weekend, maybe I can get hobbydog to snap a few of me if successful.
  14. Pretty sure this isn't where the bird was taken.
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