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  1. I agree.. I belive Young has huge potential just needs a little time come around. I too ami interested in how he will develop. We've gotten rid of way too many players like this only to see them hit their stride and become a major factor for another team.
  2. Yes, Cold Spring won the State VFW Tournament in Perham last weekend..... Excellent 4 days of baseball.. All the teams lookedgood, was a matter of who could hit the ball timely and have the least errors, (which killed our team, 3 errors but all allowed runs to score)
  3. Got mine in. I agree with the limiting of trades, makes it more interesting when you have to rely on your picks (with some room for adjustment) instead of facing a team that has 50 different pitchers a week . Just my humble opinion. Good luck to all. Should be a fun year again.......
  4. Bushwacker, If it's ok I signed up for the fantasy baseball league. I need an address of where I need to send the lures. Thanks!!!!!!!
  5. Your preference points are good no matter what area or time you apply for. They aren't zone or time specific...
  6. I think the CO's need to focus on ANY and All violators as they have been. It prevents a lot of major violations from happening.
  7. Munk

    Am I Wrong?

    If it were me I'd at least go to the first hearing and ask for a "formal complaint" which is the officers statement of facts that he based his decision on to write the ticket. After reading it you can either just pay it or fight on.. My personal opinion on the subject is you'd probably lose but who knows??????
  8. Quote: Munk Are you who I think you are??? Yep, I believe I am!!
  9. That should be a fun time. I remember when my little one went out with me the first time. He was 9 at the time also. We had two toms come in to about 50 yards, and he was so excited he started to giggle a bit. One bird ran, the other one came straight in and ended up on the dinner table. I don't know if he thought it was a hen with a weird voice or just wondered what was so dang funny!!!! Juniors been hooked ever since.
  10. The turkey lottery permit drawing link is up on the DNR HSOforum if ya'll want to check if you succeeded. My group, and a group of friends were all drawn!!!! Yeeeee-Haaaaa...
  11. They're both Toms, however a Jake is a juvenile. I've shot both and they both taste great!!!!!!
  12. Dirtball, Don't get those two going or we'll soon be hearing about their "sasquatch" encounters. I've heard a few of these and they're down right scary.......
  13. Munk

    legal for street

    Thanks Dave. I've been sneakin and peekin for quite a while just decided to post now and again... Try this statute. It pretty much explains everything you need about street legality etc. It's basically up to your city, etc. web page
  14. Munk

    legal for street

    Check Minnesota Statute # 169.045 web page
  15. Quote: You may have luck with dekes but I never have in the G-seasons that I have hunted (4 of them so far). If a bird sees the deke and shys away, I pull that deke or dekes ASAP as soon as the bird is out of sight. I think a lot of this has to do with where you hunt. (I only hunt private land and always in the G or H season) Heavily hunted areas are sure to produce a bunch of "decoy shy" birds, and NOT using one may be in your best interest. If you do decide to use them however, I've found the lighter ones that move with the wind have worked best for me. As far as calls go, I use slate, and box calls early in the a.m., then switch to diaphragms exclusively after sun up to minimize movement. It took me a long time to learn the diaphragm, but it was well worth it (and yes, I CAN gobble with a diaphragm). I've chased longbeards for a couple years now (this spring season will be my 26th year) and can honestly tell you that NO advice given is necessarily bad advice, every bird I've come across acts totally different than the last, except for a few similarities like patterns, etc. I'm not real sure you'll ever find someone who is truly an expert on turkey hunting. Some may have all the advice you need, gleened from years of trial and error, but as soon as they think they've got it mastered, a different bird will come along and put them right back at the greenhorn stage of the game. Best of luck to all this spring. The best advice to a novice turkey to me would be; try different things until you find something that works on that particular bird, then "remember" it. When a different bird comes along, use some of those learned tricks and add or subtract according to how the bird acts. And yet with other birds, "forget everything you've learned because there's some that won't do anything you want them to no matter what you try... (kinda like some kids)
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