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  1. gill man

    Longer Noodle Rods

    Good deal, thanks. I think I might go with the 28 still. My wife will be using this a lot and she's used to my, err... shorter rods.... Oh boy... If I like this rod I might pick up another, or maybe his Gill Getter, and I'd probably opt for longer versions on the next one. Thanks for all your advice!
  2. gill man

    Boots: Rubber or Pack Style?

    I have a set of 800 gram Irish Setter Rutmaster rubber boots. I like them for the early to mid bow season in northern WI, but beyond that, they seem to not breathe well and my feet get cold and clammy after sitting for a few hours. At the end of the day my socks, and jeans that are tucked into the boots are damp. There might be better rubber boots out there, but my feeling is that even heavily insulated rubber boots might eventually cause your feet to get damp and eventually uncomfortable and cold. Might be ok if you stay pretty active to generate heat most of the day. All that said, I just have experience with one set of rubber boots, but I prefer more of a pack, or even lightweight (for warmer and active days) leather/gortex typer hunting boot that breathes and is still waterproof for ice fishing.
  3. gill man

    Longer Noodle Rods

    Thanks guys, gotta love the "That's what she saids." I figured it would be hard to post about noodle rod length without some of that. I'm still a little split between 28 and 32" rods, but have decided either will work well. Probably just have to flip a coin.
  4. gill man

    Longer Noodle Rods

    Thanks Zenit. What do you prefer about the Longboard over the shorter Al Dente rods? Thanks!
  5. gill man

    6" or 8" ION

    I still like an 8" hole for panfish. Not sure I ever caught a panfish that wouldn't fit through a 6" hole, but some bigger ones can get pretty tight. The main thing for me is a transducer and float take up quite a bit of room in a 6" hole, and can make tangling a little more likely. I use a 6" hand auger at early ice, and alwayd realize how much easier fishing from an 8" hole is when I move to my 8" power auger.
  6. gill man

    new otter flip?

    Last year I bought a new, old stock Otter XT900 (blue ice camo) cabin. Fully insulated. I can't believe how easy it heats. I have a Big Buddy but almost never take it off low, maybe never have. Fished it in well, well below 0 temps with wind and it stays warm very well. I imagine the 650 top would hold a lot of heat in, but I believe part of what's special about the fully insulated shacks is the lack of flapping in the wind, and thus not losing a lot of the warm air inside. I was a little doubtful myself for the money, but if you can swing it, fishing in a fully insualted shack is a very nice experience, in pretty much any weather you'd be willing to venture out in.
  7. gill man

    Longer Noodle Rods

    Looking to pick up a noodle rod after years of using "feel" rods like the Thorne Bros Sweethearts. Will be using the noodle rod for panfish, mostly crappies and bluegills. I read a lot of guys like the 32-36" rods for fishing outside. My question is what are these longer rods offering over a 28" rod? Is it just a little more line pickup for the hookset and flex and cushion for fighting fish, or is there something else to it? My concern is that too long of a rod might make it harder to make tiny finesse movements (the scenario I see myself using the noodle rod for the most). I'll also say that I fish in an Otter Cabin more than I fish outside, but I think the shack is big enough to have no issues with a 32" rod. I use 32" walleye rods in it with no issues. My well used panfish sweetheart is a 28" rod. What are the main advantages I would see going from a 28" noodle to a 32" Noodle? The rod high on my list is a DH Al Dente or Longboard. Tucker
  8. gill man

    I am in a knot slump!!!

    I also use the Trilene knot for anything I tie to any line (other than my musky leaders to 80 lb braid) and I rarely have knot issues. With light line, I think it's very important to make sure the knot stays wet and to also tighten it down slowly and carefully to make sure the line above the knot doesn't abraid at all. Tucker
  9. gill man

    Otter Portable

    I don't even think there is added insulation, just a bit thicker canvas material. Unless you have the money burning a hole in your pocket, I'd keep the XT900. I was in the market for an XT1200 Cabin this year but came across a new XT900 with Ice Camo for $600 and snapped it up. The slight difference in canvas wasn't worth the extra $250 to me, and I actually prefer the camo to the new colors so it was a win-win for me!
  10. gill man

    Nils Power Ice Augers

    In my experience a little sand and any shaving style blade is done. Nature of the beast I believe.
  11. gill man

    Nils Power Ice Augers

    I'm sure we'll both continue to believe what we want. I don't think I ever mentioned the Nils being FASTER than the others. It may be, it may not be. I've used Lazers and while they are a nice auger, I remember them taking more force to turn. I'm not a tournament angler trying to squeeze 3 minutes out of a 12 hour day. I appreciate the ease of use the Nils gives me and ability I have to drill many holes in a day without wearing out. People complain about the slush with Nils but it's never bothered me. Drill hole, pull up to remove slush, plunge down again and lift out. Couple quick scoops with a ice scoop and I'm fishing. That might take a few seconds that a tournament guy isn't willing to take but I can handle it. What I believe is a Nils is a fantastic auger for ME!
  12. gill man

    Nils Power Ice Augers

    I'd guess that it might need some sharpening. I'm not sure what the sharpening service costs, but I'm guessing you couldn't go wrong to pick it up for 10 bucks even with sharpening costs added in. I used to bring my power auger along once the ice got to be over 6 inches or so. If I'm out for panfish my 6" Nils hand auger comes along till we get about a foot of ice now. Drilling is practically effortless. Good find!
  13. gill man

    Nils Power Ice Augers

    Take this with a grain of salt since I've never used their Power auger, but I have a Nils hand auger. I have to believe the secret is the combination of the power head and the blade paired together. The hand auger cuts so much easier than it should it's silly. I can't help but think an easy cutting blade combined with a smaller/lighter than average powerhead makes this the combo that so many like.
  14. gill man

    Where can I find AmsOil Saber?

    I think the Hayward WI L&M keeps it in stock also. I got some a few years ago. I ordered it from Amazon or something. It seems to be hard enough to find that it was just easier to order and probably spent the same on shipping as I would have on gas driving all over looking for it. I got a bigger bottle - 32 oz or something. Figured it would last years and keep just fine being a synthetic, and cheaper per oz this way.
  15. gill man

    Help Choosing between Otter Cabin & Lodge

    Thanks for all your advice. I stopped in at the local bait shop today and they just happed to have a last years Pro XT900 Cabin for $600. I couldn't pass it up compared to the $850 the new Cabins are going for, and it was even cheaper than the Low priced Lodge I had found. Ended up with a new xt900 cabin and set of Hyfax for about $680 out the door. I actually prefer the ice camo color, and I'm sure the 900 denier will be more than durable enough. I'm happy! The bait shop is the Hayward Bait and Bottle in Hayward if anybody is in the area. I believe they had another XT900 cabin left and also had some good deals on last year's Wild's as well. Tucker