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  1. I have an old model 30 Jiffy auger and mine does the same thing when it gets to the bottom of the hole. I have the auger nice and sharp and the point as well. I just figure out how thick the ice is then when I drill a new hole I ease up on pushing down and hold on tight. Would be nice to know if this problem can be fixed or not... Later... Rick
  2. Haven't been on here for a long while. Good to see this site's still here and lookin good! Finally got some safe ice to fish on this weekend. Was real tough to walk on though as there was 6 inches of snow then 6 inches of slush on top of the ice! Every step was a workout. Wouldn't have minded that too much if the fishin was better. Was lookin for Mr. Bucket Mouth but all I got was Yellow Perch most of the day. I did get a nice 3 lb Bucket Mouth later but by then it was gettin dark and it was time to head home. I guess it's better than gettin skunked though. I must have caught two dozen or more perch. Some were good size like the one the guy's holding on the pics on the top of the screen. Plannin to head up to a buddies place in Maine on Valintine's weekend to try for Trout. I'll let you all know how I do for luck.. Later... Rick
  3. Heard from a buddy who moved up to Maine last year. He said there's still no ice anywhere up there except in his drink. He heard one of the places on Sabago Lake that usually sets up ice houses for people to rent while there's hardwater bought pontoons for his ice houses! He tows them out on the lake and anchors them over his hot spots and brings people out there by boat so they cam fish! I thought this was kinda funny so enjoy...
  4. Not sure about freshwater fish but I catch Bluefish here in Cape Cad Bay and they taste much better if I bleed them. All it takes is a small cut from under the fish to the gills to start them bleeding. Seems kind of a cruel thing to do but fishing is kind of a cruel thing anyway. Best of luck...
  5. I saw this story on my local online news... Something fishy in Kentucky waters June 28, 2006 BENTON, Ky. --A pair of fishing buddies were charged with 10 felonies after being accused of cheating in fishing tournaments on Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley on the Kentucky-Tennessee border. Marshall and Lyon county grand juries on Tuesday indicted Dwayne E. Nesmith, 43, of Island, and Brian K. Thomas, 31, of Dawson Springs on nine counts of theft by deception of over $300 in Marshall County, one count of complicity to commit theft by deception of over $300 and one count of attempted theft by deception of over $300 in Lyon County. An investigation of the pair started April 30, when the men allegedly stashed five live bass in a fish basket in the water, then picked them up to weigh in at the Relay for Life Buddy Bass Tournament at the Lake Barkley State Resort Park, state police said. Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources Sgt. Bill Snow said someone reported the bass, which were marked with clippings in their fins. Nesmith and Thomas were witnessed picking up the fish early on the morning of April 30, then putting their catch in the boat, Snow said. Snow said the men allegedly entered three of the stashed fish in the tournament's weigh-in at the end of the day. That sparked an investigation into tournaments the pair had previously won, Snow said. Kentucky State Police Sgt. Brent White said Nesmith and Thomas won several thousand dollars and a bass boat worth $30,000 by allegedly catching fish before a tournament, then submitting the fish as being caught during the competition. The two men were arrested Tuesday after the grand juries handed up the indictments.
  6. I've had a hand written fishin log since the early 90's. Use it mostly for hardwater fishin. Entry includes the location & date & time I start and the weather conditions of the day. As I catch fish I enter the type & how big each fish is. It's interesting to use it to compare how good the fishin was year to year and learn how the weather does make a big difference in how the fish feed. Best of luck...
  7. Went to East Central Maine last weekend for a free fishin weekend. Sabago Lake was mostly open water but my buddies place 50 miles North East of there had around 30 inches of rock hard ice. My poor 25 year old Jiffy model 30 had a good workout punching holes through that kind of ice. Most ice I've ever had where I live in South Eastern Ma. was 18 inches. Had a fun weekend but the fish must have been hiding out as I only got one flag all weekend. There was a fish on there as he took out some line but he went down in the weeds and we lost it. How much ice do you all get out there on the average Winter?
  8. Hello All, Couple of buddies of mine have vacation homes in Maine. Found out last week that the state of Maine is having a free fishin weekend over the Preisident's Day weekend! No license needed! I'm heading up there on Friday and will ice fish on Saturday & Sunday. This is good as there has been no safe ice where I live this Winter. I hope to pull some big Trout as my buddy says there's BIG Rainbows in a small pond near his place. Do they ever have free fishing weekends out there in the mid-west?? Best of luck...
  9. Went to my favorite pond, not another person except on the other end of the pond. I was trying an experiment setting up my tipups in a straight line about 10 yards apart. Started catching LM Bass and some big Chain Pickeral. A guy I don't know comes walking up, doesn't say a thing to me and starts drilling holes not more than 15 yards away from me! I'm not too happy about it but hey I'm catching fish so I just let him go at it. He had one of those hand augers and the ice was thick (about 18 inches) for the area where I live. I'm still catching (and releasing) fish but he's not catching a thing! After about two hours he comes over to ask me what I've been catching so I tell him. He says he would like to catch some Crappies and wants to know if I know where they are. I told him I got into a bunch of them about 150 yards away on the other side of the pond last winter (true story). He packs up and heads over to where I told him to go. Works very hard and long to setup his tipups again when I get another flag! I pull in the biggest Crappie I ever caught 15 inches long and fat! Just to be a wise a$$ I yell over and show him the Crappie!! You should have seen the look on his face!!! I laughed for at least 15 minutes standing there alone on my piece of ice... Served him right for not asking if he could fish so close to me...
  10. Hey All, Just wanted to say "Thanks" for adding Massachusetts to this forum. Did some Trout fishin before the ice formed on Long Pond in Plymouth Massachusetts on Sunday before the Pats game. Long Pond is a 211 acre pond that has a max depth of 100 feet in some of the "holes" if you can find them. Fished from the shore and in only a little over an hour picked up a couple of Rainbows. Not that big but they were fun to catch with a good fight to them. Wished I could have fished for a bit longer but just had to watch the Pats crush the Saints at a sports pub in Plymouth. You lucky dogs are ice fishin already out there in the midwest! I'll be lucky to have safe ice out here by New Years..Best of luck hooking up the BIG ones!!!
  11. Just sitting here at work but "Wishing to be fishing" thus the name Wishin2BFishin...How's about you all?
  12. Close but no cigar!! I guess Massachusetts is not good enough for a forum? Hey I caught a lot of nice LM Bass and huge Crappie the last couple of years out here near the coast! Any other people from out this way? You guys out there are lucky as you get hardwater sooner than we do here. I'll be lucky to have safe ice before the New Year out here. Best of luck fishin when you all get safe ice...
  13. My lovely wife bought me a Brinkmann smoker grill about ten years ago. I've smoked many kinds of fish and meats in it and they always come out great! Just did a search online and they average around $180.00 to over $400.00 if you want to get one of the stainless steel ones. Mine works on propane but there's some that use charcoal as well. The propane ones are easier to keep the temp adjusted as the temp will change when the wood you use to smoke will start to burn up after it drys out. I get bags of various kinds of wood to use and you have to soak it for 24 hours before you plan to use it to smoke. If you have a source of fresh green apple wood that works best for smoking fish. I just smoked some fresh Bluefish that I caught in Cape Cod Bay over last weekend that came out real good. Takes about 2 1/2 to 3 hours to smoke fish. Meats will take a little longer. Best of luck...
  14. That's funny! Those rocks win everytime don't they???
  15. I've owned my boat since 1984 and just recently came up with a name for it. It's a 1978 Penn Yan cuddy cabin 20 feet long. Was racking my brain trying to come up with a good name for it and while I was taking my buddy for a real fast ride he said "boy is this a bad penny" and the name just stuck. So "Bad Penny" it is. One of my other buddies is a plumber and named his 1964 wooden Egg Harbor "Gray Waters" his name is Pete Gray and the waste water from a sink is called "gray water" so I guess this fits well. Another buddy of mine has a 30 foot wooden 1966 Chris Craft that has the original chevy engines that always has troubles keeping it running so he named his boat "Troubled waters". Anyone have any funny names for their boats as well? Nameing a boat is not so easy to do is it?
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