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  1. nytelyter

    Fishin report for Lake Iwanttobethere..

    he posted on fathers day that he had been in a nursing home for a while. but would be posting soon. i still keep on praying for him.
  2. nytelyter

    Fishin report for Lake Iwanttobethere..

    almost three now i have e-mailed at least once will send another today prayers for Bobby
  3. nytelyter

    Fishin report for Lake Iwanttobethere..

    saying prayers for him and hoping for a recovery. i really miss the news about the lake and know that things are moving along. i have been getting on a good sunfish bite and would even like to drop off a few for him to get a meal.
  4. nytelyter

    Fishin report for Lake Iwanttobethere..

    Great to see a post i am hopeing that you get back to a new normal soon. and that things will start to regulate them selves. wishing that you get in some boat time soon.
  5. ye ha i plan on being there. good lord willing and the creek dont rise
  6. nytelyter

    need a bathroom fan for ice shack??

    i use one of the 12v computer fans and used a dryer vent cap for the outside. quiet and efficient. instant fart fan. low cost and not very noisy at all.
  7. i am like so major bummed. ihave been finally working and have not even looked at the fm site and to find out the event has been changed to today. [email protected]#$%^&*()_(*&^%$#@!!!. and horse hockey pucks. hope you guys nailed the kitties. i would have had the wheeler along and played shuttle. but [PoorWordUsage] occurs. will look at the thread tomorrow to see the reports. ... paul
  8. nytelyter

    carpet or no carpet?

    vinal floor and a squeedge its the best combo. drill skimm swioe and dry in twenty minutes. ... paul
  9. nytelyter

    Otters NEW Ice Houses

    the ice show has always been on the first friday-saturday in december and has been in the what used to be called the civic center the name escapes me right now but it is where the xcel center is next to the museam in st paul. it is an annual must see event. lots of reps and knowledge in one place and tons of stuff to look at and get all glossy eyed about. ... paul
  10. myself and a my fishing buddy(not my dad as he is still in arizona) willl make it 2 more. i willl be there before most of you. this is a must doo event each season and i think the only one i have missed was the year that travel on the lake was real bad about 4 or six years ago.HERE KITTY KITTY!!!!!!. ... PAUL
  11. nytelyter

    Best Way to Free Up Frozen Ice House

    the first fishhouse i ever had built had 2 1/2 inch water pipe as skids under it that was some 20 years ago. there are so many benifits in doiung this one as said by elwood is the fact that you can hook up as i do y from my truck exhaust to the open pipe and let the truck idol and in about 20 minutes you have one side up and move to the other runner and do the same and you can be fishing and enjoying a cold one while its thawing . the other thing that is great about the water pipe in the contact patch on the ice. there is less than an inch of contact on the ice and this means way less friction on the ice for pulling purposes. sometimes the shack chases me as i pullit. i have my runners welded to a peice of 3inch angle iron that runns across the front and back of my house it assures that during those days when a move isnt going as well as planned that you dont seperate the runners from the fishhouse as well as break up any ice chunks tha could knock off the floor joists as you cross them. last thing is that it gives you a great point of contact that you can use to jack them out oof the ice when they do get a slight freeze on them ... paul
  12. nytelyter

    Jack/Knife couch in fish house

    be sure to make it low enough to the floor with a good type futon matress onit. i have done this in my sleeper and love it. also plan the hole configureation with the folded out bed in mind. i hope this is what you mena about a jack knife couch. also i plan on my next one having drawers in stead of just a door. i would put a small drawer on each end and then one or two in the front.
  13. nytelyter

    Solar Panels for Fish House???

    i would not roof mount them. like said the sun will reflect from the snow and ice. i have all three panels on the south facing side of my house.
  14. nytelyter

    Solar Panels for Fish House???

    harbor fright has a great deal on a three panel set up. and do not worry about putting an angle on them the snow and ice will reflect the sun to give them enough solar. however. i have a 45watt three panel setup and if i were to do it over again i would mount 45 watt panels and go with atleast three of them but you are talking a few bucks there. one 45 watt panel and the amount of available daylight in the winter does not quite doit for a good deepcycle for those of us that have all the toys in our houses. tv, lights, fans, ect.....
  15. nytelyter

    Solar Panel Help?

    i have done quite a few posts on this very subject. at first i thoughtwind was the way to go but after talking to a few wind power owners there were a few concerns. first one of they guys i talked to had issues with the circut boards burning out at about $150 each and one other has said that he had broken off a few blades and the cost was about a buck (large) each. i have three 15 watt panels and it does pretty welll in keeping me up and running however if i do solar again i will have at least three 45 watt panels. that being said my next investment will be a honda 1000 watt genny. when you weigh the costs and investment the genny is the way to go i will keep my panels for normal gharging but runn the genny when i am in full on operation mode. i also do see in the harbor frieght ads a three panel 45 watt setup for about $169 but you need to buy the charge controller seperatly but thats not very bad in cost. this is a great deal as when i bought my first panel it was 169 each. by far solar is the way to go if you make a good first investment. but as said a good set up is a minimum of 100 watt and the last complaint about i remember was the vibration issue and noise on and in the house. ... paul