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  1. Note from Admin, please read forum policy before posting again, thank you.
  2. I too have a QFIII it is super comfortable for two and with the seat built in it takes minimal modifications to be ready to fish. Although tweeking your shack is half the fun of fishing!
  3. So true. So true. Kind of like putting a hitch on a Corvette. But I do like the idea you came up with! You need to decide if you want a portable or a perm. Some type of rubber mat under your feet to keep them off the ice and to keep the weight and the ammount of stuff you are dragging out on the ice down. Remember, you are fishing...being portable/running and gunning...etc and it all gets in the way. I too had grandios thoughts when I first got my porty but soon realized it was all just extra @#&* that I didn't realy need.
  4. I have been using a wheeler for a couple of years now to pull my portable. Works great until the snow gets deep. I have done a few things to ensure performance. 1) Make sure you have a good battery, you don't want to be stranded out on the ice. 2) I use synthetic oil to prevent slow turn-over of a cold engine. 3) periodically start it and let it run if setting in one place too long. 4) I have put chains on to aid traction and steering especially on sheer ice. 5) I have added an auger holder on the front rack for easy access when running and gunning. 6) I have a hand held gps mounted on the handle bars for navigation. The best thing I have learned is exactly how my machine reacts to the cold and how much prime/choke to give it so it starts right off w/o flooding the engine or killing the battery.
  5. My question was more mechanical... Is there any reason why I shouldn't put them on the front vs. the back?.
  6. I have an Articat 400 4x4. During early season on glare ice I experience traction problems and steering problems. Thinking about getting tire chains. Would there be any problems putting them on the front tires to help with the steering or should I keep them on the rear only?
  7. Mr. Heater tech service will instruct you to take a q-tip and rubbing alcohol and scrub out the tube where the pilot light is. You will need to get all the way in... approx. 2" this will clean out any build up or obstructions that may be inhibiting gas flow. If you are using a gas line without it's own regulator you will need to use the filter mentioned earlier or you will suffer contamination of your heater's gas lines. Tech service will also instruct you to always turn the gas off at the tank and let the gas in the hose be used up before turning off the heater.
  8. Quote: Zoom, I've had the same problem with my big buddy. I always tried carrying around any extra or two. One time I got stuck sticking a 1 lbs'er down my overalls. But the main problem I have is with the big buddy I have is that the termocouple doesn't work worth a carp. When I try and fire it up, sometime it just wont work, and other times it will go out then when I fire it up again right away, it wont take. I run my big buddy with a 20lb tank, high pressure hose and filter. Works great when not super cold. I have noticed that the pilot flame does not engulf the therm. cplr. and when the heater is completely warmed up the quickly rising air accross the face of the heater causes the pilot flame to become more vertical pulling it even farther from the therm. clpr. I believe this in ability to keep the therm. cplr. at operating temp is the cause for it to shut off on extremely cold days. A drop in pressure from frozen tanks coupled with the change in direction of the pilot flame when the unit warms up may be the cause for it to shut it's self down. I screwed a piece of metal on the left side of the pilot light hole where the therm.cplr.is to try to reflect or trap some of the pilot flames heat back down to the cplr. Just waiting for a -30 day to see if this improves the performance
  9. The regs. read 2 lines through the ice not one through the ice and one in open water.
  10. I got mine at Cabelas last year- its pretty nice, keeps things padded and safe while bouncing around in the sled of my portable.
  11. Spend the money for a couple of STRIKE SENSORS and you will never use lights again!
  12. I use mine inside my portable (out of the wind) and it works great. You don't have to be so carefull about banging your lantern around and the temp. change when you shut it off doesn't crack your globe when it is realy cold.
  13. Has anyone seen an extended forcast? Looks like warm weather for at least the next ten days. Can we expect a cold wave anytime soon?
  14. Has anyone checked into this stuff to see if it is realy legal in MN? Sounds like a great idea but its definitely not worth a ticket.
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