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  1. Looking for any advice. Thinking about trying some circle hooks suggestions for size and brand, lindy rigging them. Have been using Tru Turn 4# for years just looking for something different.
  2. Just recently purchased this motor from a private indidvidual and yesterday we put a pair of water cups (earmuffs) and it started fine with no problems. My question is when we engaged the prop at low idle it made a clicking knocking sound but when you gave it some gas it would sounded fine when we put it in reverse it was fine without giving it any gas.We did tighten up the prop some and it did seem to help some but not completely.I was wondering running it with no water resistence at all could this be normal it seems to be engaging completley too. We had a 25 horse and that never sounded like that when we did this before.Any help would be appreciated thanks
  3. Maybe out of the hole a little sluggish and top end with all the gear 16-18 mph. With one man 25-26mph.On both occasions it still seems like it needs to clean it self out.
  4. Looking at replacing my existing prop with either a differrent prop or one just the same to have a spare. What i have on it now reads 9.25 x 12 3 blades .The motor is a 25hp honda 4 stroke 2006 and it usually pushes a 16ft Lund Rebel Adventure Series with lets say around 1000lbs.of weight.I am not sure about the rpm of the motor itself.I guess what the most that i am looking for is top end speed.Thanks for your help.
  5. Looking for an easy corn relish recipe need to do something with the garden leftovers
  6. Have been fishing for the eyes now a few years and have been reading more and more about colors of beads and lures. What about the line color? Have been using lo-vis green in the past but recently been reading about the cajun red. Articles read that they see red better than green would this hurt you or help in your opinions ? Which line would be less visible to see I know this depends on water clarity and other factors or is there any truth to trying to hide your line as best as possible when using a lindy rig set up.
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