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  1. How many of us are so die hard we are cringing with this weather. I tell my buddies I wish it was colder they look at me like im crazy. Bottom line is ice conditions are tough right now up by us. I plan on checking some spots today but a wind does not help. We need cold fellas. This aint gonna do it.
  2. I had hell of a time getting on today. IM not dialup tho so
  3. Hey bud I lost your email email me again regarding advertising. I got one from Rick too I dont know him but anyway [email protected]
  4. I am Iceleaders family now !!! Yahoo!!! Let me get my credit card out here
  5. Yeah it didn't work for me neither. It downloaded something but I cant figure out how to play it.
  6. Sponsor or not that is some fine work there dude. Crappies my favorite hands down....sh*t Id pay a couple hundo for a print like that.
  7. This is what I was getting at here guys. You guys are skipping world class fisheries in our own backyard! Where is Medicine Lake?
  8. David Lee Roth Rocks! Skiddabedam.....
  9. Actually it might be the same HSOforum. Is iceleaders.com and outdoor minnesota the same if so email me please
  10. Hey Paul I have a question for you regarding your other HSOforum email me please [email protected]
  11. Fortyniner


    Thanks for the welcome guys, I am an avid Ice Fisherman due to my line of work I dont get out on the open water much.
  12. Hey BDR, Fair enough, I thought this was a Minnesota only HSOforum, obviously its much bigger!
  13. Fortyniner


    Hey dudes and dudettes. I accidently stumbled on this flippin awesome site! way Cool Dudes!! Where do I begin?
  14. Why would anyone drive to Illinois to fish when we have 10,000 lakes here. Can anyone tell me why?
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