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  1. Hi all...I don't get on here much anymore. I am the proud wife of Brian Jones(Fishing Guide on Cass).I have lived in Mn since 04' and I love it!Right now Brian and I live in Bemidji,Mn...I convinced him to buy me some land;)We use to live right on Cass Lake,I have an 8 yo daughter whom loves to go hunting and fishing with her dad as much as possible.I am not a die hard fan of fishing but I like to go musky fishing,and troll for anything else.Since I am from Ohio where the weather isn't as cold I am not a big fan of ice fishing unless we are in a nice heated house that I can get comfy in.Nice to meet you all...
  2. Ummm Gene...I think all I have ever heard about you fishin with is women...don't you get board in the boat???
  3. I have only fished one tournament with my husband...and yes I out fished him. However when he takes me out fishing he says we are "scouting" and that is why I don't get the opportunity to "show him up" anymore!! Go figure!!
  4. I personally have not fished any events. I would like to at some point in time...kids prevent this.
  5. The season is fast approaching for ice houses, warm boots...and drinks. How many lady's are ready for this season to begin? I'm not...I was enjoying the sun bathing out on the boat,the fresh air blowing through my windows at night. Now...the only warnth I will find is snuggling on the couch with a good book, or warming up by the heater in the ice house. Just curious, do all you lady's fish the whole time you are out with the men? If not, what things occupy you? This will be my first winter in the northern part of the state...not sure what to expect.
  6. Fishermisses...Don't feel cursed...most of the time when my hubby(who is a guide)and I go out..he sees...and we almost never catch anything. But I hear stories all the time about all the fish he and his clients are always catching!!
  7. Boiler...I know what you mean...my hubby and I took out our daughter for the first time a few weeks ago and she had bite after bite...I couldn't get any interested!!! As for myself...I haven't had much of a year!! Good luck to all...and good fishing!!!
  8. Hey FisherMissis... Lemme know how that glove works!! I might have to invest...that way I can go alone also!!! muskiegurl
  9. Also if you wanted more info on fishing questions you can go to your public library and get info. They have everything from DVD's-to books, etc. Good luck!!
  10. Hey Gene.... you must have learned the hard way!!! Jones' "anchor"
  11. Hey Vickie...Yea actually I got out on the ice for the first time yesterday!! Not bad at all...he brought along the heater and we were good to go!! A little concerned with the ice cracking and making funny noises...but it was a very positive experience!! We will be spending the New Year out on the lake also!! Good luck!!
  12. Thanks Vickie, as far as I know we will be in a canvas covered fish house. Yea this will be my first ice fishing trip(little weary of walkin on frozen water)!! Thanks everyone!!
  13. Thank you gentlemen for your input!! I will be sure to get the proper gear(and lip balm)!!
  14. Hi everyone...this is my first year up here(MN),I haven't had the opportunity to experience these wonderful winters you all have. What would you recommend for me, as in winter gear(not a big winter fan)my b/f is a guide(have a feeling I will be on the ice alot)so any advice will help!!
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