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  1. Eiger0304

    Lawn seed

    When is a good time to seed? Too early yet?
  2. Eiger0304

    Kdrill or Nils

    Have the 8" k-drill. Bought it at the fishing show. Had it out about 8 different times and love it. No complaints. Very light weight, drill about 20-25 holes out each time. Only on Monday did I have to use a second battery, had about 21 inches of ice. I have two 5ah batteries for it.
  3. Eiger0304

    Big buddy vs portable buddy

    Held down button on pilot for about a minute or so, worked great! Thanks
  4. Eiger0304

    Big buddy vs portable buddy

    Never tried bleeding the line out. I have the regular line with the filter. Figured as long as I had it on (half an hour) all the air would have come out. It lit, but would only work on low. Also do you need a 1# tank on the opposite side of the heater, when you have a hose hooked up to the other side?
  5. Eiger0304

    Big buddy vs portable buddy

  6. Eiger0304

    Wheeled Fish House

    it would be nice to use it as a camper in the summer. Especially when you pay 15-20K on one of these. If it not setup as a TH, then I am have to drive 2 vehicles to go ATVing for a weekend.
  7. Eiger0304

    Wheeled Fish House

    Thinking about purchasing a wheeled house. I own ATV's and like to ride in the summer. I would like to here some Pro's and Con's of a wheeled house, that doubles as a toy hauler.
  8. Same here, I would to view these links. I click on them and you go right back to the main forum page. Maybe some could a new portable mods thread. With some picks and new ideas.
  9. Eiger0304

    Portable mods

    Still no luck. I could read the threads with no problem but when you click on the link in the thread, you go right back to the forums main page.
  10. Eiger0304

    Portable mods

    Little help here, I was looking for old portable mod threads, I am able to find them, but every time I click on a link it goes right to the forums main page. I would to see some pictures and gets some ideas. Thanks
  11. Eiger0304

    Satellite in Fish House

    I just take a receiver off the TV in the basement and bring it along. Been doing it for 8 yrs.
  12. Eiger0304

    Broken Garage Door Spring

    I too have replaced these springs several times. Like said in earlier posts, It is very simple but, be very careful. Do not stand straight behind the collar that you are winding up. If one of the rods slips out of your hands, it won't be pleasant. I suggest you replace both springs. You want a matched set. I replaced only one once, to save a buck, the following year the other one broke. Take the good spring with you to be measured. As far a measuring. Usually you wind up the spring, to match the doors height. Meaning 7 foot door usually gets 7 full revolutions (each spring). Or when you take the not broken spring off, just count as you unwind it. Also you can a Sharpie marker and draw a line all the way across it. That way if you use that same spring you'll have the correct amount of turns when it lines back up. After your all done. lift your door manually up about halfway. It should stay there. If it falls wind the spring 1/4 turn to each side. If goes up loosen the spring 1/4 turn on each side. Wind the springs equal amount of turns.
  13. Eiger0304


    Thanks for the input. Anyone else, hoping to start this project in 2 weeks.
  14. Eiger0304


    Looking at putting in windows. How well do the Thermo-Techs hold up? I know someone who put them in, but its only been two years. I think they are nice, but how well do they hold up? Has anyone had these windows for 10+ years.
  15. Eiger0304

    Spray foam for sound deadening?

    How true this is I'm not sure. A couple years back a guy told me he put felt strips up on his 2x4 frame walls, before he put sheet-rock up. He said it reduced sound because, sound travels better through solid objects. He said he did this throughout his upstairs, when he built his house. He said it made a huge difference in bathroom and laundry room. I do not know if he put batting in the walls or not. Do not know what kind of felt strips or how thick they were.