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  1. Hey guys, Long shot I know but I recently had a 2004 Suzuki Eiger 400 stolen from my driveway the same night I plowed it!! It's has a faded field camo pattern with a warn winch and plow. From the Milaca area....Any suggestions or sightings call the Mille Lacs County Sheriffs Dept. I'd love to come face to face with the guy/s who did this....
  2. Alright....(sucks picking last) STARTERS: QB T.Brady RB S. Jackson RB Ryan Grant WR A. Gonzalez WR Lance Moore FX Lendale White TE V.Shiancoe K S.Gostkowski D Indy BENCH: WR S.Breaston QB M. Hasselbeck WR K.Curtis RB Leon Washington RB Edgerrin James TE Dustin Keller Did I say I don't like picking last??? Season hasn't started and i'm whining!!! My overall impression is that the "Junkyard Dogs" has the best draft in my view. And who wants to trade for a better defense??
  3. I have had the pleasure of working with Brian's father and will pass on these sentiments. Brian will be missed greatly. Thank you all.
  4. I may have jumped the gun here. I filled the last position in he fox sports league. I'm closing the Yahoo league unless others are looking to join. Then perhaps i'll start later. Thanks.
  5. I just started one up thru yahoo because of my own familiarity. There is still one thru foxsports if your interested. I did send an invite though.
  6. For whatever reason I couldn't sign into MSN LIVE so I started a league on Yahoo. League Name: FM 2009 League ID: 672238 This is a 10 team league with standard rules applying.
  7. INVITE HERE!! flyguy0886 @ yahoo.com
  8. What type of water heater are you looking for?
  9. A bikini clad whale...(use your imagination)
  10. How about a pic of an anaconda swallowing an aliigator.
  11. Id like to see a man with a horses head.
  12. I want to see a mexican superman!
  13. I want to see a "Hunter S. Thompson For Sheriff" autographed poster!!
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