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  1. Shane683

    When will 2014 licenses be online for purchase?

    I e-mailed the DNR the other day regarding this and the date is February 19th.
  2. Shane683

    Tips for chain install?

    I've heard it works to let some of the air out of the tires but haven't tried that. This year I put the chains on and got the clips set but they were not on the correct links so I drove it back and forth about 15 feet and then they hooked up easy.
  3. Shane683

    Fishing Trip

    Ballard's Resort or their Black Island resort in Canada.
  4. Shane683

    WIA, How It Works

    Bob - the parcels that are enrolled are open to public hunting during legal seasons from Sept. 1st to May 31st. There is an article in the latest Outdoor News and they are not getting the acres they had hoped for.
  5. Shane683

    WIA, How It Works

    Enrollment is limited to 35 counties. Hunting is allowed during legal seasons between Sept. 1st and May 31st. The parcel must be at least 40 acres or contiguous with a public hunting area (WMA or WPA). Priority is given to lands enrolled in a conservation program (RIM, CRP). The enrolled parcel must be accessible from a public road. Landowners are paid a base rate of $10/acre.
  6. Shane683

    Business fishing trip

    Ballard's Resort - Lake of the Woods
  7. Shane683

    Abandoned Well Sealing cost

    $500 - $800 depending on depth and the well condition. Check with your local SWCD as they may have cost-share assistance available.
  8. Shane683

    2012 In-Fish Icefishing Guide??

    Chris - just checking to see if you have received the magazine yet.
  9. Shane683

    2012 In-Fish Icefishing Guide??

    Chris - I will get it in the mail as soon as I can. Shane Johnson
  10. Shane683

    2012 In-Fish Icefishing Guide??

    I've got one still in the plastic wrap. What is your address? Shane
  11. Shane683

    Surprise Visitors

    I had a nice surprise visitor on the 24th - a Pileated Woodpecker. I've never seen one here before. He was really working over my old apple tree.
  12. Shane683

    Top Outdoor Books

    A Crooked Number by Nathan Jorgeson is a prequel to Waiting For White Horses and is very good. I also really liked A Long Way Back by Mike Holst.
  13. Shane683

    2002 polaris sportsman clicking from rear....please help!!

    Just talked to the guy who has been working on my 02 700. He thinks the noise was caused by the tire pressures not being equal which makes the differentials bind when turning. He said he made sure the pressures were the same and he didn't hear the noise. Might be worth a check.
  14. Shane683


    Just read this morning that his "B" test was positive too. Not good for AJ
  15. Shane683

    2002 polaris sportsman clicking from rear....please help!!

    Ratherbefishin - any solutions yet? I've got an 02 700 with the same problem. Mine's in the shop now and they're trying to figure it out. I'll post if they come up with a solution. Anybody else have any thoughts? Thanks.