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  1. This was posted on another site last week. I am pretty sure it's not a fake. But if they were all taken within 1 mile of each other, do you think there are any more bucks left in that mile? I think they may have thrown their buck to doe ratio off a bit.
  2. I think alot of us on here do more homework than the average hunter which is also why we are in the minority when it comes to wanting bigger bucks. Mr. B, I'm sure things would be different if we were back in the mid 1990's but we are not. We have the opposite problem today. What if we have 2 or thee more mild winters? Then what will the conversation be about? We have done alot of talking about point restrictions and lotteries, but not much talk about shooting does. How comfortable do you think the average hunter is with shooting a doe? There is a mentality out there that any buck is better than a doe. I know, I still have it to a point and so do all the guys that I hunt with. This is a hard thing to over come and I think this is why it would be so hard to go to a lottery or point system.
  3. Do you still have the release? I lost mine last weekend and need something cheap for now to get me through the rest of the hunting season. Thanks, Joel
  4. It sounds like you're doing the right things. I bet that 200 acres of corn is where they have decided to bed down. Don't get too discouraged. Things should settle down mid week and you should start seeing deer. You could slowly walk the corn peeking down each row as you go with the wind in the right direction and on a windy day. I got lucky this weekend. I had a shot at a 9pt Friday night with my bow but shot between his legs, but ended up shooting him just as it was getting light Saturday with the trusty old A-5. Our group did well also. I think the corn really kept the deer in our area. Our corn field is probably only about 60-80 acres though. If they want to hide by us they lay down in the swamp. Good luck and let me know how you do! Joel
  5. HC, You're right, I started thinking of my last post and realized that it would just result in a bunch of 1 1/2 & 2 1/2 year olds being shot. It would improve the quality some what but not to what it should be. More does would be shot but that wouldn't really help with the quality of bucks.
  6. How about doing something in reverse of when I started hunting. I could shoot either a buck or a doe, even though the older guys had to draw a doe tag. So a young kid could shoot either sex but the adults would have to shoot something with 6 points or better, or a doe. One major problem is the issue of forcing ethics on hunters. On one hand it's managing the herd like having to draw a doe permit, on the other hand, it's telling someone what quality of deer they should be shooting.
  7. We hunt near Isanti so we're pretty close. This was the first year the corn was left in and from gun hunting and the times I have bow hunted there this year it has been the opposite for us. I have seen more deer than ever before. However, the corn field isn't 200 acres and we have alot of woods and swamp land that we hunt. To me, it seemes that lately the deer have been moving from the swamps, through the woods and out to the corn in the evenings. I would set up on a trail leading to your corn field, but that seems obvious. Also, I found the biggest scrape I have ever seen on my way into my stand Friday evening. When I came out it had fresh doe pee in it. This was right on the edge of the corn field next to the swamp seperated by a thin strip of woods. You might want to check the edges of the field and set up near good sign. Another option would be to hunt a water source if you have one. Good Luck, Joel
  8. I don't know if a lottery system is the best answer. I would think something along the lines of not hunting during the "Peak" of the rut like they do in Wisconsin and most other states would be a better solution. With that being said, I would be chastised in our group for sugesting that the season be changed. There are many hunters out there that are 100% satisfied with the number of deer they are seeing today. And I too like to go out and see alot of deer, it makes time on the stand pass by fast. I think it has to be up to each individual group if they want to practice QDM. Now if I could just get the majority of our group to see things the same way! And the neighbors. This is a good subject with a wide range of opinions, lets hear others thoughts or ideas.
  9. Nutty, We hunt up by Isanti. I live in St. Peter. Sorry, I probably should have put that in my post. I haven't talked to anyone down here as of today to see how things went. Congrats on your deer! Joel
  10. I missed a nice 9 pt Friday eav. with my bow but ended up shooting him at first light Sat am from the same stand with my gun. (Lucky). My dad shot a 7pt Sat am. Ended up with 2 bucks and 2 does for 6 guys as of Sunday am. 3 of us headed home to cut up deer. I saw a TON of deer movement Friday eav. and Sat. am. Passed on 3 does and one ? Saturday. Things were quiet Sunday am. Nothing beats a weekend at the shack!
  11. Wow, When you first posted I thought you were joking. This sounds like a fair price (With out knowing what the land lookes like). Personally I wouldn't have a problem driving 4+ hours or so. Also, for me the farther away the better in my opinion. I just don't know if the rest of my party would go for the drive but it's almost what you have to do to get to reasonably priced land. Right now we are very fortunate to hunt private land near Isanti for almost nothing, but it's only a matter of time before that is no longer an option. Please keep passing along info as you get it. Thanks, Joel
  12. Glad you figured it out. It's funny how 1 arrow can sound so different. Joel
  13. Yes, I shoot gold tip hunters 5575. One of them has something on the camo finish. I have no idea where I picked it up but it is there. I have tried cleaning it but it is almost like the arrow is scratched? Sounds weird but I only use it with a field tip. All the other arrows with camo finish or the ones without are very quiet. Yes Ole it's a rest. I would try another arrow just to see. I have never used another rest but I would guess there would be a little more noise with the biscuit then a drop-away. Just pull back really slowly Joel
  14. I have one arrow that makes ALOT of noise through my wisker biscuit. That one didn't get a broadhead. The rest are quiet. Just a thought. Joel
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