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  1. North Dakota’s early Canada goose season is set and the season will open Aug. 15. The limits are 15 daily and 30 in possession Limits and shooting hours for the early season are different from the regular season. Shooting hours during the early season are one-half hour before sunrise to sunset daily. Normal licensing requirements for the regular season, including a federal duck stamp, apply to the early season. Nonresidents who hunt in Benson, Ramsey, Towner, Sargent and Richland counties during the early season may do so without counting against their 14-day regular season license. All migratory bird hunters must register with the Harvest Information Program prior to hunting. Hunters who purchase a license through the North Dakota Game and Fish Department HSOforum at gf.nd.gov, or instant licensing telephone number (800) 406-6409, can easily get HIP certified. Otherwise, hunters can call (888) 634-4798 and record the HIP number on their fishing, hunting and furbearer certificate. Those who registered to hunt the spring light goose season in North Dakota do not have to register with HIP again, as it is required only once per year. Waterfowl rest areas, closed to hunting during the regular season, will be open during the early season. Most land in these rest areas is private, so hunters may need permission to hunt. The early hunting season is intended to reduce local Canada goose numbers. Despite liberalized regulations the past several years, with longer seasons, large bag limits and expanded shooting hours the statewide population remains high, with numbers well above population goals. The early season ends in the Missouri River zone Sept. 7, while the rest of the state closes Sept. 15. The Missouri River zone closes early to provide additional late season hunting opportunities by adding these days to the end of the regular season.
  2. SD early goose season will open Aug. 4 with a daily limit of 15. Im guessing ND will announce a very similar season soon.
  3. Hunt em while they are still here. Its going to be a blast this fall....ducks and geese. Quote:Good news for waterfowl and waterfowl hunters: North Dakota’s annual spring breeding duck survey showed an index of 4.8 million birds, up 16 percent from last year and 112 percent above the long-term average.The index is the third highest on record.
  4. Here in SE North Dakota the canada goose population is at an all time high. With the warm early spring the small grains will be harvested earlier than the past few.
  5. ND is raising the pike daily limit to 5 pike on April 1. Another change is spearing will be allowed statewide at the start of next season, with the exception of a handful of lakes. Lakes where darkhouse spearfishing is not allowed are Braun Lake, Emmons County; New Johns Lake, Burleigh County; East Park Lake, West Park Lake and Lake Audubon, McLean County; McClusky Canal; Heckers Lake, Sheridan County; Red Willow Lake, Griggs County; Sweet Briar Dam, Morton County; and the Red and Bois de Sioux rivers.
  6. I wish ND would expand the legal live bait we can fish with.
  7. Non residents still could buy the small game or waterfowl license seperately. This is just an option to buy a combo license for season long for 500 bucks.
  8. An outfitter from Oahe had a HSOforum a couple years ago with the walleye their clients had speared that winter.
  9. We are seeing the same thing here in ND in the lakes I have fished. Seeing plenty of pike on the camera as they slowly drift by, often looking at the bait and then leave. I quit using the tip ups and rattle reels so far this season. Seems like jigging a minnow has triggered more bites.
  10. Have any of you MN guys made it to ND to spear yet?
  11. You are right Nate, we were harvesting corn in November last year and I remember the mallards were thick in every slough for about a week. The next week they froze over and the ducks were gone.
  12. To spear in ND all you need is a fishing license and you must register online or phone to get your free spearing number.
  13. You are correct spearingboy. Most of the lakes have clarity issues and every year is different. Sure wish the the North Dakota Game and Fish would open all lakes to spearing because of this very problem, but they must know more than I.
  14. If I were to pick one lake it would be Devils Lake. 5 daily limit and 10 possession for Devils Lake and the rest of the state is 3 daily limit and 6 possession.
  15. Anyone coming to ND to spear this winter? The border is open finally.
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