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  1. Most alum material is running around $4.00 a pound.Burl.
  2. There is more involved than just getting a certificate.Having been involved with teaching the training you see all kinds of crazy things that could happen if the the situation is not totaly controlled by the adult.In my opinion i dont think a child at that age has enough experiance or knoledge to make good decisions in a crazy envovirement like duck hunting were you could have birds coming from different directions and dogs involved.I do know that the firearms training is very vaulable tool to train these younger kids for correct handling of firearms.Burl.
  3. I dont have an opinion either way about the youth hunts but i do know that nobody in any of our hunting partys were able to use a loaded gun untill they had their firearms certificat.It seems like it would be a much safer situation after going though the program.It does seem kind of strange thst kids could hunt and use a gun before they went through the program.Burl.
  4. burl


    Buck,Moe,Jake,something simple to yell when things arent going as planed.Burl.
  5. burl

    Clam X2

    Used the x-2 all last winter.Used mainly when i fished with a group or overnight.It has been all i expected.It sets up fairly quick and has a very solid sled design for pulling.I strengthed my unit by add a hy fax sheet to the bottom and some extra gussets were the hitch attached.It is heavy,it is about all one person could load in the back of a truck by their self.I would buy another if i had to do over.Burl.
  6. burl


    I have been using the fold up pincher trap with great success.Sometimes being in the yard in the eaving when they are active i have been able to get a few with a pitch fork.Kind a like spearing carp only on land.Burl.
  7. Sherburne refuge is an area i took my son and most of his cousins.There are plenty areas to hunt both by foot or by boat.There was very little pressure when i took them there.Burl.
  8. If it is brown it most likley come back,if it is black its probably toast.I am no a pro by any means but when part of my yard burnt up last year i used some round up and killed everything waited and reseaded.Came back great.I added no black dirt when i seeded my yard and it has done well this year even with out an irrigation system.It seems like the correct fertilizer plan and weed killer are the key issues.I am lucky my brother in law is a pen state horticulture grad and my wife works for him at a golf coarse,she is able to get some really good products to use.Burl.
  9. Both guys have a good product.Both have great service.Had to have one side made for my pro v because i added a electric trolling motor.Brian at white cap made it for me the same day and met me at cabbelas to drop it off.The white caps are made a little cheaper but they are still plenty strong.Burl.
  10. burl

    Game Fair

    I have found the game fair a great place to get my dog in some uncontrolled situations and see what can happen.I sure there are better places to do it but this can be interesting.Many times while training in controlled condtions on my land i was not prepared for what to do with problems in the real world.Just my opinion.Burl.
  11. Better check on local codes.Some areas do not allow certain types of decking,not an expert on this but was told the composite could not be used in some the northern suburbs.I have had cedar on all of my decks.One deck is about twenty years old and is now starting to show some rot.Have converted all of my lower level areas to paver patios.Burl.
  12. My current lab pointed from day one.He will stop and stay untill released.Did not come from a line of pointing labs.Curious on how this lab would have that instinct without being trained for it or some were in his bloodline.Burl.
  13. burl

    Pure fishing sold

    Very few buyouts are good for the consumers or employees.Most companys are purchased to increase market share and elimate competiton usually resulting in higher product prices and less jobs within the company over time.Burl.
  14. My first lab made it 13 years before he got to the point he could not get up and walk any more,was realy hard bringing him to the vet to put him down.He was a once in a lifetime hunter that people talk about,was the first dog i trained from a pup.Wish i would have got his ashes from the vet and placed at some of the slews we hunted.My last dogs i have pictures and some videos to remember them by.Burl.
  15. Be prepared for lots of water coming back into the boat from the spray.Did this one year for duck openener,my 1960 johnson gave up so i robbed my 15 yammy long shaft kicker off of my big boat.I actualy seemed dangerous,used it one weekend like that and never again.Burl.
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