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  1. i love it...i sleep on that lake...i swear if i ever have a boy friend he would hate me for how much i muskie fish
  2. well i cant give away all my secrets but i will tell you they were really shallow like 2 feet. was out this afternoon and picked up one small 34" fish....seen one big gal but she acted really cold...cant blame her i guess
  3. was out on saturday and i got one on a big jig and plastic, nice fat fish that was 48", saw two others, did you see the plane crash?
  4. Just curious how everyone attacks early season 'skis. I personally love early season seems to be my best time of the year for real shallow fish. I can't ever get out in the fall due to the bow hunting itch I seem to get around September every year.
  5. I used to use the spendy spider wire stuff but after a few years of shelling out all that money for the line I have been using 50# berkely gorilla braid and I really like it.
  6. I got a drake mallard at the end of oct this year that was banded in upstate New York in January of 2005. No wonder he was a loner, all the other ducks knew he was flying the wrong direction.
  7. Just wondering if you guys would share any tips on how you trigger fish. I have been seeing lots of fish this year but only had a few takers. Just wondering if you guys have any tips for turning those followers into takers.
  8. I spend a lot of time fishing stocked trout and the best bet for me is to find pods over the deep water somewhere with your electronics and then anchor near them and slip bobber them with corn and crawlers. A pink jighead with a piece of crawler on it is my ace in the hole as well.
  9. Just got back from NW WI, opened the muskie season just south of Hayward on a small lake I grew up muskie fishing. Boated a 37" on a Mepps #5 and a 35" on a reaper, both tigers. Man it was awesome being back on the water. Any other early reports?
  10. Gustafson

    Seven Mile Creek

    Any one ever fish this down near Mankato? Just noticed they stock it with browns.
  11. Cooter, I am originally from the north of the Spooner area and used to fish Shell a bit. A few weeks into season we would catch them around the big point out there late in the evening on leeches and minnows. There is a rock bar on the west side of the lake, I think its the west, about two years ago we were plucking them off of there real shallow on an overcast day. Need some warmer weather though.
  12. Hey guys I am kinda new to this predator hunting thing. I am used to hunting the big timber in wisconsin where i finally shot my first fox this winter. Now im located in southern MN and wondering some calling tips or location tips. What do you use for calls? etc... Any tips will be greatly appreciated.
  13. Thanks guys. I can't eat shellfish so this sounds like the next best thing.
  14. Just got back from Mille Lacs with some of those wonderful pout. I have always just fried them with my other fish and they were just fine. I would be very gracious if someone could tell one of those recipes to turn it into poor mans lobster. Thanks, Gustafson
  15. Can you legally shoot lead on wildlife management areas? Are you required to have a plug in your gun for pheasants? Thanks Gustafson
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