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  1. water_wizard

    Line recommendation?

    It is a little bit on the expensive side but "ASSO ICE Heavy" line is by far the best line I have ever used. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.
  2. water_wizard

    Where should I plan this years Ice Fishing trips to.

    If you’re looking for something you haven't tried (or appears to be based on the lakes you listed) How about Lake Gogebic in the UP of MI, great walleye and Jumbo Perch. Check it out its only 4.5 - 5hrs from the twin cities. Rainy Lake would be good too.
  3. water_wizard

    Ice line

    Gamma for panfish or shallow eye's, Power pro for deeper water
  4. water_wizard

    What is the best spring bobber?

    Most of my rods have been fitted to use the St Croix spring bobbers including my TB which work really well. That said the spring used with the Marmish rod is far and away the most sensitive I have ever used and it does not freeze easily.
  5. water_wizard

    Flasher poll

  6. water_wizard

    Your ice fishing success

    It all depends on if you are out for quantity (like when taking a youngster out with you) or quality. Personally I tend to peruse the latter most days on the ice. I also like to try new lakes or new spots on lakes I have fished regularly. Moving often helps as well (even if you hit a spot where you are catching fish, especially smaller ones). Over time if you pay attention to what you are doing you would be surprised at how many good spots you pick up along the way. Also it pays to review a good lake map and make a plan before heading out. Good luck on the ice!!
  7. water_wizard

    Best crappie ice fishing lure

    My new favorite is THE JIG (naked ) My old standby has always been a simple Rocker tipped with either a minnow or a few larvae. I have also had great success with the Marmish Chort and Fiskas balances.
  8. water_wizard

    Auger Poll

    Nils 6" and 8"
  9. Anyone have experience with the Ice Fisherman’s Hand Sled? Is it really easy to pull even with a shack on top? I know it is expensive but if it works it would be worth it to me. Thanks for any input.