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  1. If available I will like 3 send the $today 1-15-09 Duane Reynolds 7116 39th Ave. N. New Hope, MN 55427
  2. I would list it here. When I was looking I used this site and eventually bought from a sponsor--my trust could be misplaced, but I think I would get a honest shot on this site--hsolist i don't know??
  3. The Salmo sicker arrived today Looks sweet Many thanks
  4. Overall site is working and the few do overs are small compared to the value of the site-- keep up the work- sure glad it is not my job
  5. mshs1

    Shuttle Shack

    found them on craigs list- search= fish house 449
  6. Thanks for the advice. I have seen the report of 20 lbs on a weekend. Just bought a house this year and the usage reports tell me I won't be running in for fills every weekend.
  7. mshs1

    Scotty's Rods

    switched from off the shelf rods to custom 4 years ago- can't say I am an expert, but scotty's and other customs seem to feel more resilient and I have had no problems with breaking or parts coming apart-- well worth the money and feels good too.
  8. I agree with tica cetus for a small reel also use a spirex by shimano--#35 is good price paid more for mine.
  9. Just got back from ridgedale had the same response from Ridgedale DVS/dvm--they gave me a motor vehicle registration form--said geta bill of sale , proof of taxes paid, MSO??MT weight, Gross weight-I will wait see what you find out seven7
  10. I bought one 4 years ago and got another this year just to keep everyone occupied in the house--
  11. Love the super braid- use 2-4 lb line all winter- in and out of the house- some ice buildup outside, but what doesn't. Polymar knot is excellent. Check the web site for knot advice http://www.animatedknots.com/indexfishing.php?LogoImage=LogoGrog.jpg
  12. I have used Army surplus artic mittens-- hsolist or the local surpus store-- they have inserts and have been great--they look like the ice armour gauntlet gloves
  13. If I Caught a wall hanging fish it would be so beat up from running in circles and screaming it wouldn't look good on the wall. A replica is the way to go--take picture--throw it down the hole-- make a replica(if the little women agrees) and everyone is happy-- I teach my grandson cpr.
  14. DNR says YES- just got off the phone-- so off to DVS I go
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