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  1. neusbaum

    Best prices on Polaris ATVs

    Can someone tell me who has the best prices on Polaris ATVs in Minnesota? Thanks
  2. neusbaum

    Best prices on Polaris ATVs

    Thanks Gissert. I appreciate the input. For me, sales and service have always been kept separate when making purchase decisions. I always buy from the business that offers the best deal and I always seek service from the business that has the best reputation for service. Sometimes those are the same business, but more often they are not. I've never had a problem operating under this philosophy, but I do understand and respect those who believe you should buy from a place that offers great service. Just my 2 cents worth. I'm hoping to find a dealer who consistently offers the best pricing on Polaris ATVs, even if I have to drive a ways to buy it.
  3. neusbaum

    Best prices on Polaris ATVs

    Who has the best prices on Polaris ATVs in Minnesota ? I'm looking for a Sportsman 800. Thanks
  4. I've never fished the Brule, but would like to try some fly fishing there this coming Fall. Could someone tell me when and where I might go to catch some salmon? Seems I heard once there is a peak season when they make their spawning runs. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. neusbaum

    Waubay fishing report

    fished waubay saturday but came up with only a few eyes and even fewer perch. drove all over the lake and didn't find anyone having much luck. definately a slow day on the lake.
  6. neusbaum

    Ft. Thompson

    Anyone out there?
  7. neusbaum

    Thompson and area lakes

    Any recent reports on ice fishing at Lake Thompson?
  8. neusbaum

    Snowmobile/ATV trails

    Can anyone tell me if a public snowmobile trail in northern Minnesota can be used by ATVs in the winter as well? Probably a dumb question, but I gotta know before I make a potential mistake by riding on a trail I'm not suppose to be on. I'm specifically thinking about a trail up in the Winnibigosh area. Thanks
  9. neusbaum


    Hey Guys What, and where, is pixtown?
  10. Has anyone heard anything about ice fishing at Ft. Thompson lately. I went there a few years ago and did pretty good, so just wondering if anyone has any reports. Thanks
  11. neusbaum


    Is this a place for ice fishing, or strickly open water?
  12. neusbaum

    ICE TENT ??

    I'm organizing a trip to Winni for about 10 guys. On previous trips we have taken a bunch of 2 man shacks, but I'm thinking it would be a blast if everyone could fish under the same roof. Does anyone know of a commercially made, semi-portable ice enclosure big enough for 6 or more guys? Or any ideas for constructing one? Thanks
  13. neusbaum

    Whats the word on Matthews Bows?

    Yes, Mathews has a bow for everyone, but the cost may keep alot of folks away. Nobody makes a better bow, period, the end.
  14. neusbaum

    snow plows

    Anyone have a recommendation, based on personal experience, for a good snow plow for my Polaris sportsman 500? Thanks (I thought I posted this a few days back, but can't find it. )
  15. neusbaum

    Looking to buy a portable shelter

    I have a Fish Trap Scout (1 man unit), brand new in the box. Make me an offer. [This message has been edited by neusbaum (edited 03-17-2003).]